Birthday fundraiser and wishes


This year for my birthday I’m actually hosting a fundraiser – I’m raising money for the local Ukrainian Aid by selling my paintings at Jordkällaren here in Pargas. Visit them and buy a painting for yourself, or a friend or maybe your mother for Mother’s Day? It feels great to be able to contribute even a little bit to the plight of the Ukrainians, and I wanted to take the opportunity now that I’ve turned 48 to also shed some light on some nature projects that are dear to my heart.

We flew the Raven flag for my birthday – you can visit Nordic Animism and get to know their project of reusing our old Nordic heritage to revive our connectedness with nature. A project that is more urgent for every passing day, and that connects us regionally to all regions of the earth where people are trying to protect nature and live in harmony with it instead of this old fashioned idea that people are masters of nature, not part of it.

Today I walked around picking up litter in my neighborhood, talking to some trees. If I got one wish for my birthday, it would be that maybe people who read this would either pick up a piece of litter today, or maybe even thank a tree? It might seem a small thing, but it makes a huge difference in the end!




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Tavlor till salu till förmån för ukrainahjälpen

Just nu finns mina tavlor utställda hos Jordkällaren, Vävargatan 2 här på Gamla Malmen i Pargas.

Kanske du vill ha en ny ko-kompis eller en liten påskhare hem på besök? Eller köp en tavla till nån du tycker om – pengarna går oavkortat till den lokala Ukrainahjälpen!

Slava Ukraini, och Glad Påsk!






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DIY Giant Easter Eggs

Sometimes when I set the table I lack a good pot for my springtime flowers and branches. I solved that problem by making some giant Easter Eggs – the perfect vessel for a bunch of mini-daffodils!

First I created the eggs by blowing up a balloon, sticking it to a base (a heavy glass) with some tape and then gluing layer upon layer of paper strips to it. I used plain newspaper and plain wallpaper glue. When the eggs were thick enough I popped the balloons and trimmed the edges so they look like eggs that have cracked.

I painted the eggs pink or yellow and went to town with lots of colors and splatters. I finished them with a couple layers of furniture varnish.

Makes for an artistic and fun addition to any Easter table!

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Happy Easter Bunnies

I love, love, love bunnies! I love watching them, feeding them, looking at them, petting them – everything! And I love my new DIY Easter Bunnies! First I made some bunnies from self-drying clay.  They don’t look that special before being painted, but the core of the bunny is there! I tried to make each of them into an individual, with a little bit of different smiles, and eyes and noses.

Then I went to town painting, splattering and decorating them. It was so much fun! I’ve used real gold leaf and sealed it all with really strong furniture varnish. A colorful bunch of happy bunnies, ready to welcome spring and Easter!


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To be present

Some days it is difficult to stay mindful of the present.

Some days you feel grief, anger, anxiety or depression, but on those days I find it is even more important to stay present.

For me personally that has become much easier (not always easy! Just easier) since I really immersed myself in mindfulness training, especially by listening to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

I’ve been listening to them on Youtube, but now I also listen to them through the Plum Village app, where I sometimes also do the meditations.

All the Plum village material is just so beneficial and such a great app, and completely free! It rivals all those subscription apps and everything in it is gold.

“I am home, I have arrived”



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Cow friends looking for new homes <3

I’m finally ready to send out my cow friends to new homes – you’re welcome to take a look at my page ”Art for Sale”. Have a look around and see if anyone speaks to you, and send me an e-mail! I’m mainly selling  these paintings from my home, but with the hopes of being able to send them out to people too (depending on the postal system and costs etc – for now, sells through my studio in my home is the best option for me)

I’m already working on two new collections – more cows, and abstract faces. Also art on watercolor paper that will travel more easily and be more easily sold online.

Hope you enjoy my art as much as I do! and if you don’t, perhaps there are other artists that you click with more that would brighten up your everyday life with their paintings? Real, original art does something to the soul that is unique.

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The Season of Cozy

To be fair, this season starts early in the fall when the evenings get longer and you need more light hereabouts. But right now, this month is peak cozyness/hygge/mys/kos in our house!

We use all the blankets I’ve crocheted and amassed over the years. We actually sit by the fire almost every day and read or listen to audio books. We play board games and listen to records on our new record player. What a thrill to listen to music you haven’t heard since you were little! I think it’s mainly us adults in the house who love the old records, but boy do they add to the coziness a whole lot!

It’s the season in between seasons in our house, post-Christmas, but still with lots of candles being lit, and all of us traipsing around in our Christmas socks that my aunt gifts us every year (tack faster Gunborg jättemycket för dom superfina strumporna!)

The socks I got this Christmas are just so lovely and wonderful that I can’t bear wear them yet, so they get to be pretty decorations for a while!

I’ve been listening to Mike and Derek for a while, and they describe hygge pretty well in my opinion. Everyone should have a bit of that state of mind, at least for a while. Mindfulness at its best.





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Julstämning – the next thing after Hygge?

Julstämning – the Swedish word that doesn’t really have an equivalent in English. Christmas Spirit according to google, but it’s more than that – it’s a whole mood.Holiday mood, also according to Google, or festive spirit, or Christmas atmosphere – but none of those really capture the magic that is julstämning.

Julstämning is the mood your in when you feel Yule in your soul, in your being. It is the magic of festive lights, of glitter and baubles, of old carols sung for centuries, of the traditions of people who went before you. Eating Christmas porridge, seeing people being happy, hearing church bells at 6 a.m. Decorating the tree and lighting the candles. Listening to Jussi Björling singing ”O, Helga Natt”.

It’s what everyone aspires to at Christmas, an elusive mood that can only be experienced in the here and now, and is often not available for everyone because of the circumstances. But it still lingers as a sort of ideal to aspire to. A bit of hygge, but yule specific.

I hope we all get some of this julstämning this Christmas!

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