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Introducing my collection Happy Cows

There’s something special about cows. How they seem to reflect deeply on things, or maybe just enjoy chewing on grass! They’re filled with thoughts and emotions and make for the best of friends, and if you can’t go pet a cow anytime you want to (which I can’t!) you can at least admire them at home in the form of art. Get your own cow friend to add color to your everyday life, or surprise a friend with a unique gift!

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Acrylic and pastels mainly on canvas, some on wood or upcycled canvases, plus occasionally some gold leaf.

The colors are approximations – colors look differently on different monitors and phones, so the best way to really enjoy the paintings is in real life.

Contact me if you want to buy a painting – at present I mainly sell the paintings directly from my studio in Pargas. At them moment, the rest of the Happy Cows-collection is for sale at Jordkällaren, Vävargatan 2, 21600 Pargas – all of the proceeds from that collection will go directly to the local Ukrainian help movement.

Small bunnies (10 x 15 cm) 5 € – bigger ones (13 x 18 cm) 6 €, plus some of the bunnies of my upcoming Crazy Bunny-collection are also for sale to help the Ukrainians.


I am presently working on a new collection, and I am up for a few selected commissions – contact me at


or send me an sms at 040 7423 004

xo, Ninette