Concrete skull DIY

Halloween’s a-coming, and we needed more skulls in our house. Especially ones that also doubles as candle holders!

I went and got some clay and did some sculpting. The skull turned out okay, but then when I made the mold it went a bit wonky! The clay hadn’t hardened enough so the skull got a bit of a different look than I had planned. But this works too!

It didn’t look like this when it went into the mold! But the crooked smile somehow works despite it.

When the mold was done I poured concrete into it. One of the skulls has a glass jar inside and doubles as a Halloween-vase. 

One of the other skulls was a bit flat on top – it’s the perfect candle holder for fat candles!

The concrete was rather rough, making for a weathered look.  

We’ve also got one skull for single, thin candles, but my favorite is the vase – we don’t have that many flowers growing right now in the garden, but that doesn’t matter when your vase is a skull! any old flower remnants suit the skull perfectly!



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Our lunches

We made some lifestyle changes a while ago, mainly to eat more greens at every meal. In general, we eat Pegan (paleo + vegan, i.e. lots and lots of veggies and greens, and unprocessed food in general), and it has had a tremendous effect!

Niklas has lost more than 15 kg in a short while, just by switching his diet! We can trace the date when we switched diets because his HRV-curve also changed. No weight-change for me though, because my problems are of another kind (my organism needs less stress, which I’m working on through supplements, FIR-sauna and meditation), but our whole family is so much more healthier now that we upped the veggies. And we used to always have salads with every meal, so it’s not as if we started from none!

We’ve ”cooked” a lot of the recipes in this particular book – the beet salad is so delicious! (I think the book is translated at least into Swedish, but the original is in Danish)

We try to always have different sorts of greens and salads at the table at lunchtime.

”Mom, we eat just as fancy as people do in restaurants!” said one of my kids the other day.

I go out in the garden and harvest fresh herbs whenever we can. Oregano, thyme, mint, chives and lemon balm. They make any salad taste great, and are so nutritious!

We also sprinkle seeds on our salads, plus some good olive oil.

Sometimes we have a bit of sweet potato roasted in the oven, or freshly picked potatoes. Most of the time we simply eat greens and a bit of roasted chicken breast, or just an egg. It’s a diet that tastes so great, that you can vary so much and never tire of, and that your body will love!


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Scrunchies – the 80s are back!

So apparently I have kids who want scrunchies! You know, those old fabric-thingies that we all wore in the 80s. I used to make them myself, and now I’m making them for my kids!

Just take a long strip of cloth, sew together one of the long ends and reverse the fabric. I used a pen, because I couldn’t find my ruler anywhere, but usually I use a ruler that is longer than this pen.

Then thread a piece of elastic string through the fabric ”tunnel”, tie it off and sew together the edges of the fabric.

It’s super easy to make, and you can make the scrunchies in any fabric you like, making them truly unique to you.

Perfect for anyone who needs to tie their hear back!



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Dried dandelion roots

Here’s another tip for the fall season – dried dandelion roots are great for your health, and mostly free! It only takes some of your time and a bit of patience, and you can brew your own tea that is great for the good bacteria in your gut.

The dandelion roots are especially potent now before winter, when the plant stores most of its energy in the roots instead of the leaves. Just dig them up, wash them and dry them. We use our power-mixer to mix them into a powder that is so easy to use.


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Sometimes solutions are simple. But not easy.

At times I seem to forget how to “human”, and when people talk about their problems or say that they don’t know what to do about something I forget that most people really just want to vent. Instead I answer with a solution (you know, just like the classic “man” when some women joke about men wanting to solve all their problems instead of just listening. I do that too.). This is because of my dominant mental function, Extrovert Thinking, which makes me want to find solutions to just about anything.

This also makes me want to do stuff all the time, like _all_ the time. Being sick and forced to lie in bed doing nothing feels almost like torture, because I feel like I’m not myself if I’m not doing something. And then I sometimes answer questions online, because I forget that other people don’t want solutions – they want to vent, as I said, and I get misunderstood because people don’t see my intention. They only see that I’m giving them a solution, that they maybe didn’t want in the first place.

Here’s the thing – most of the time the solutions to your problems are simple. Most people’s medical issues are for example caused by stress. And there are simple solutions to lowering your stress levels: 1. Mediation 2. Eating better 3. Focusing on sleep 4. Focusing on relationships 5. Getting exercise and other things like that.

None of those solutions are easy! All are simple – “just do it”. But just doing it is not easy. It is not easy to start a meditation practice! It is not easy to start eating healthy, especially if you have no idea where to start. It is not easy to get better sleep. All of it is simple – there is information out there about how to do all of those things (and people like I actually enjoy helping people with these things). None of it is easy.

Like it is really simple how to run a marathon – just start running and keep on running. But it is not easy!

So when I sometimes tell people “this can help” I always, always, know that it is not easy, despite being simple. Also – if anyone wants a meditation buddy or just encouragement to keep going, reach out to someone with Extrovert Thinking like an ENTJ like me, or an ESTJ or an ENFP. Chances are high that they want to help you, and will be there walking you through whatever it is you need help with in your life!

P.S. This is also why I sometimes get a bit annoyed when people think I have it so easy – yes, I’ve achieved a lot, and know a lot, and am good at a lot of things, but I’ve worked so hard at everything! Nothing is free, I’ve worked for everything. All of it simple things that most people can do, but not easy. It’s the easy-part that sometimes divides people into people who do and people who don’t. Some people get scared of things that aren’t easy. I run toward stuff like that (again, because of my personality).

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Dried squash – great for baking gluten-free cakes!

Summer squash is so easy to grow, you sometimes don’t know what to do with all the surplus produce. But this is a most excellent solution – make dried squash powder!

I slice and peel the squashes, and slice them really thinly and place them in the drier.

They shrink a lot, and you need quite a lot of squash for even one cake. But it is totally worth all the effort!

We were sort of planning on saving the squash powder for really special occasions, but Niklas has already been making cakes twice now. Making the everyday life like a little of a party almost, because the cakes he is making using the powder are just delicious! Gluten-free, home-made, taste better than store bought cakes, and go perfectly with some pistachio paste and dark chocolate.


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I’m very busy right now!

There is so much in the garden that needs harvesting right now.

The nights are getting chillier and chillier, and soon we’ll have frost and ice.

We’re still eating fresh tomatoes each day, but that will soon end!

I try to pick all the apples I can manage. We eat them fresh or dry them.

Some plants enjoy the colder weather.

Most are turning a lovely yellow

Some are even still flowering!

The nasturtium just managed to start flowering before fall came.

I’ve harvested the last of the pumpkins, just in case we get minus degrees tonight.

Lots to do this time of year!


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