Tavlor och loppis på Gamla Torgets marknad!

Idag är det dags för marknad i vår vackra stadsdel – välkomna att besöka Gamla Torget och fynda tavlor och loppissaker på vårt bord!

Gamla Torget finns på Gamla Malmen i Pargas, och marknaden håller öppet 10 – 14.


Barnen har röjt sina rum och har till salu en hel del klänningar och böcker och annat. Vi säljer också mina tavlor, mina vänner korna och några hjortvänner som längtar efter nya hem!



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Santa Claus came through!

Some time in 1983 or thereabouts I got to phone Santa (with my Mom on the other phone listening in). My brother had gone first and read up a whole list of wishes for Christmas. I only had one.

”What do you wish for Christmas?” asked Santa.

I thought about it a long time, and decided to be completely honest.

”A dog, but I can’t get one because my dad is allergic”

I don’t think my Mom got as much inspiration for her Christmas shopping for me from that phone call that she’d hoped for! But I got to think about what it would have been like to have a dog for a short while, and dream about it.

Well, I have to tell you – Santa came through! It only took about 30 years, but here we are – a family with a dog, and not just any dog! The bestest dog in the whole world! And he’s got a fur that none of us are allergic to!

So what can I say, other than – thank you Santa!

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Happy Cows at Wanha Wallis

Don’t you love it when you meet someone and suddenly something just clicks? I met with the lovely Minna this spring by happenstance, and now my paintings are for sale in her store!

Minna has the most amazing little vintage shop, with carefully curated objects that all harmonize perfectly with each other. And now also with my cows and other paintings! It is such an honor to have my paintings featured in her shop, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel!

Among all of the vintage goodies you can also find Cornelius Colliander’s amazing pottery – I am so grateful to Minna for supporting us local artists in this way! <3<3<3

So if you happen to be in Pargas/Parainen – pop by Wanha Wallis at Köpmansgatan, smack in the middle of our small town.

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Capturing the summer breeze

We made these hanging thingamajigs a few years ago, and they are still so lovely! They are all made out of recycled materials, old sweatshirts and clothing and old barrel rings.

What better way to capture the summer breeze than with some old lace? And perhaps add a little bit of sparkle, in case you happen to have old crystals from a broken lamp hanging around.

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Technical difficulties right now – and lots of new cow friends!

I’m having a bit of technical difficulties right now, and got locked out of my Instagram account. So if you’ve contacted me regarding art or anything through IG, I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I possibly can! If it’s urgent –  send me an e-mail or contact me through Whatsapp or Facebook.

I’ve got lots of new cow friends waiting for new homes, this time with more realistic price tags (those previous prices were all intro prices, I also need to cover my costs plus make a living and the intro prices barely even covered the material costs). The price is still on the low side, and I expect to raise my prices as I sell more art. Marie, pictured above, is 30,5 x 30,5 cm on canvas, and costs 66 euros. If you’re interested in her or any of her friends, contact me and I’ll either send you pics or you can visit me in my studio here at Gamla Malmen in Pargas!

I am also working on a few new flower meadow pieces, all of them big canvases that would look great on any living room wall.

have a great summer! here’s hoping for a bit of rain soon, and that I’ll get  into my IG account once again!

xo, Ninette


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Happy Midsummer + Happy sticks

Happy Midsummer to you all!

I’m busy with all sorts of stuff, but I managed to paint some sticks that we’re decorating with. They’re just ordinary sticks I found in the woods that I’ve painted with acrylic paint. Such a fun thing to do and looks great as a decoration!



I hope you’re having a wonderful summertime!

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I forgot to add…!

We actually managed to raise about 460 euros at the fundraiser at Jordkällaren! Can you believe it? I actually got to contribute to the local Ukrainian aid, and with this much too! I can’t tell you how happy I am for those numbers, and all those cow and bunny friends who got new homes!

There are still a few paintings left for sale at Jordkällaren – I’m working on a new collection that will be for sale here in Pargas soon. You can reach me through my blog or just pop by, and I’ll also attend some local markets in the future (once I’m done renovating our garage! It turned out to be a much larger project than I had planned).

I’ll earmark some paintings for the Ukrainian Aid in the future as well, just in case people still want to donate.

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We have so much to celebrate lately – two of our kids are graduating their schools, and I sold so many paintings through the Ukraine fundraiser! Thank you all who donated and got a painting in return! <3

When we celebrate something at our house we usually hang some bunting. I’ve sewn many of them during the years, sometimes to gift to others. This one is a bit special since it’s made of a quilt I made for my oldest son when he was just a toddler.

He’s slept with that quilt for so many years that it was in tatters. I was able to salvage a lot of parts and turned it into a celebratory bunting instead! Upcycling at its best


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Birthday fundraiser and wishes


This year for my birthday I’m actually hosting a fundraiser – I’m raising money for the local Ukrainian Aid by selling my paintings at Jordkällaren here in Pargas. Visit them and buy a painting for yourself, or a friend or maybe your mother for Mother’s Day? It feels great to be able to contribute even a little bit to the plight of the Ukrainians, and I wanted to take the opportunity now that I’ve turned 48 to also shed some light on some nature projects that are dear to my heart.

We flew the Raven flag for my birthday – you can visit Nordic Animism and get to know their project of reusing our old Nordic heritage to revive our connectedness with nature. A project that is more urgent for every passing day, and that connects us regionally to all regions of the earth where people are trying to protect nature and live in harmony with it instead of this old fashioned idea that people are masters of nature, not part of it.

Today I walked around picking up litter in my neighborhood, talking to some trees. If I got one wish for my birthday, it would be that maybe people who read this would either pick up a piece of litter today, or maybe even thank a tree? It might seem a small thing, but it makes a huge difference in the end!




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