Walking in my winter wonderland

I’m back, sort of! Didn’t plan to just stop blogging, but sometimes life just happens.

This is what winter should look like! Snow everywhere, sun shining through glimmering trees. Walking alone in the woods is so much bliss in wintertime! (and all year around, for that matter)

Unfortunately these are pictures from a few months back when we had a week of real winter! Ever since then we’ve had what I call a ”Danish winter” – lots of rain, lots of wind. Almost no snow.

I go for my walks and think about things. We’ve gone through so many useful things lately, much that I want to share with you here. But first I need to find the energy somewhere!

and this certainly invigorating! I love walking barefoot outdoors, and I loved walking on snow. I also love walking through mud, so I’m sort of happy with our lack of snow this winter! …and my feet, they love it too! They have never been so smooth, or felt this healthy!


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DIY Gingerbread flowers with candy centers

This year I experimented a bit while baking gingerbread cookies.

I cut out a circle in the middle of each flower. I placed a hard candy in the circle and baked the cookies. The candy melted and formed a pink center.

When the cookies had cooled, I piped white decorations. Easy and fun, and the kids love the cookies!

And I love this – being able to have a hyacinth at home! I am usually too allergic to stand their fragrance, but nowadays I feel so much better that I can finally have some natural Christmas scent around!


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