Hello again!

That break I took this summer turned into a long blog break! And I’m unfortunately only popping by just to tell you all that I’m still here, I’m still crafting (a bit), photographing (very little), writing (also just the least amount I can), gardening (a lot!), out walking (too little for my taste), swimming (much …

Glad Valborg!

Happy Valborg/Walpurgis night everyone! We’re celebrating at home, with lots of colors, good food, a bit of dancing and a very embarrassing mother who keeps making dad jokes…! Valborg equals spring here up North, so here’s to hoping spring gets the message and reappears this year too!   RSS | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

Happy Easter!

  I’ve been sick a while, so I’m taking an early Easter break – but I’ll return with lots of more DIY:s, upcycled jewelry and other crafty stuff!   RSS | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

Happy Snowday!

Adding to the weirdness, we finally got winter this season! …or rather, the winter season decided to come and visit us during spring! It’s not too bad, since it meant my kids wanting to be outside having snow ball fights! They would have wanted to go skiing, but our skis are at my parents’ place, …