A very slow moving springtime


What a spring it’s been! Not only weird on this whole global level, but also on a local level and a very personal one.

We’ve had snow so many times already in May! And almost no snow this winter, so it feels very odd. But on the plus side – the spring flowers are still blooming!

The whole garden is lit up with all the yellow flowers everywhere, and they are getting accompanied by more and more green leaves.

I’m still recuperating after a chaotic blend of allergies, RS-virus (we think) and a bad reaction to a medicine. I went for my first walk in two months yesterday, so today I’m resting. My body craves rest at the moment, so it’s not a bad thing that we haven’t got anything in our calendars.

Instead we enjoy life in our backyard – not too shabby! just look at all that orange!

The pond is attracting wildlife. It teems with life when the frogs are mating, and at other times we have birds of all sorts coming to bathe or have a drink.

We’ve also welcomed a lot of pollinators! That’s it for a short status update from me. I’ve been cutting down on my ”shoulds”, since I really need to focus on healing. As a result I don’t photograph as much as I usually do, or write, but hopefully that will change soon. I’m already feeling more energized, and soon the kids summer holidays are starting – we are all looking forward to that!


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