The garden in springtime

Everything in the garden is changing, and for the better!

It might not show like it at the moment – we’re rebuilding a lot of the garden, including the smaller greenhouse, and there’s so much debris everywhere!

But the end result will be amazing – just like the bulbs that look like nothing much when you put them in the ground in the autumn.

All of a sudden there there, and just demanding attention! Such beauties…!


All the brown and beige and plain turns into so much color. 

And I love it! 

The wildlife loves it too – we have visitors every day: toads, frogs, birds of all kinds. (they tend to hop away when I try to take pictures of them!) 

The evenings have been filled with this wonderful light, that really shows off the flowers. Like the botanical tulips above – botanical tulips are my favorite tulips. They propagate by themselves, and are usually quite hardy.

Among them, these more sensitive beauties, that are a leftover from last years flower boxes.

And this years flower boxes! Yellow and happy and waiting to join their siblings in the garden.

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