The Heart of the House

I was quickly glancing through old photos (my eyes still hurt too much to be able to read or take pictures like I used to), and realized I’d forgotten to post these!

This is my happy place inside our house – ”my room”, a.k.a. the breakfast nook, the card playing spot, where we listen to opera and music, and do yoga. A room filled with music and laughter. And where I occasionally write and paint and do crafty stuff.

But it is my room in this sense – I get to leave piles of my stuff lying around, at least on this small table!

This is how the room looked like last year. It hasn’t really changed that much since – I’ve moved my yellow doll’s house, and made more space for my painting supplies.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with what my space looks like. It is colorful and filled with interesting things to look at and it makes me want to sit here and work. I am very fortunate that we happened to have a nook in our house that could be converted into my office space <3

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DIY Fuse beads lamps

My craft room/study is my place for tranquility, my type of tranquility, and now I finally have lamps to match my mood and the mood of the room!

I used to have white lamps, but they don’t give the right king of ambient mood in the evenings. They’re alright, but I wanted something a bit more cozy, so I thought for a long while and came up with an idea to make lamps out of fuse beads.

I made modules out of strips of fused together beads (7×21 beads) and glued them together into pentagons using a glue gun. Then I ordered and re-ordered them until I got four color combinations that I wanted (for 4 lamps).

I glued the pentagons together one on top of another. I made sure to use lots of glue on the inside of the pentagons, so that the plates of fuse beads won’t get unstuck.

Finally I glued a piece of cardboard on top of the lamp with a slit to the middle of the pentagon. I left one corner of it unglued to the lamp, so that I could thread the lamp bulb through it. 

The new lamps are just perfect for my little corner of the world! And they give such a lovely, warm light in the evenings!


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I have loads of treasures in my home, but today I want to focus on one treasure – my beautiful pieces of paper!

I used to save my best papers for later, but then one day I realized – now is later! The best time to use something you love is now, and not later. So when I needed a wallpaper for my new craft room I decided to use up all my treasures! Now they’re all where they are supposed to be – glued to my craft room wall where everyone can see them, and where I can enjoy them every time I walk past them.

Some of  the papers are really old and came with the house. Others are pretty papers that friends have sent me. Some I bought in Denmark and I always remember that when I look at them. Many have gold hues – I love gold!

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Pieni Lintu - MakroTex challenge

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