The Heart of the House

I was quickly glancing through old photos (my eyes still hurt too much to be able to read or take pictures like I used to), and realized I’d forgotten to post these!

This is my happy place inside our house – ”my room”, a.k.a. the breakfast nook, the card playing spot, where we listen to opera and music, and do yoga. A room filled with music and laughter. And where I occasionally write and paint and do crafty stuff.

But it is my room in this sense – I get to leave piles of my stuff lying around, at least on this small table!

This is how the room looked like last year. It hasn’t really changed that much since – I’ve moved my yellow doll’s house, and made more space for my painting supplies.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with what my space looks like. It is colorful and filled with interesting things to look at and it makes me want to sit here and work. I am very fortunate that we happened to have a nook in our house that could be converted into my office space <3

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