Christmas time is soon here again…!

October went by so fast, we almost didn’t register – especially since we didn’t host our annual Halloween party. Another family chipped in when we couldn’t, so we managed to dress up and wallow in scary things as we love this time of year. And then all of a sudden it’s November, and almost Christmas…!

I’ve been painting all fall, and you’re very welcome to take a peek at our front yard when Gamla Malmen’s Christmas market is in full swing – December 10. kl 11-15. My kids will also join and sell their gingerbread cookies among other things.

I also have Christmas cards for sale at Wanha Walllis here in Pargas, so pop in there if you’d like some handmade cards to send to loved ones, of if you want to support a local artist and a local business. Wanha Wallis also sells my very own postcards, many of them pictures of cows, which I seem to have an affinity for! 🙂

My physical health is slowly improving, including my eye sight, so I hope to be able to write a little bit more and edit, and perhaps get this little old blog of mine going once again – who knows? I take it one day at a time, and at the moment, I’m very grateful I even get to write these few words!

I sometimes post pictures of my art on Instagram, and some of the process on TikTok (my new guilty pleasure!).

Hope you all are having a great fall and early Christmas season!

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