The Season of Cozy

To be fair, this season starts early in the fall when the evenings get longer and you need more light hereabouts. But right now, this month is peak cozyness/hygge/mys/kos in our house!

We use all the blankets I’ve crocheted and amassed over the years. We actually sit by the fire almost every day and read or listen to audio books. We play board games and listen to records on our new record player. What a thrill to listen to music you haven’t heard since you were little! I think it’s mainly us adults in the house who love the old records, but boy do they add to the coziness a whole lot!

It’s the season in between seasons in our house, post-Christmas, but still with lots of candles being lit, and all of us traipsing around in our Christmas socks that my aunt gifts us every year (tack faster Gunborg jättemycket för dom superfina strumporna!)

The socks I got this Christmas are just so lovely and wonderful that I can’t bear wear them yet, so they get to be pretty decorations for a while!

I’ve been listening to Mike and Derek for a while, and they describe hygge pretty well in my opinion. Everyone should have a bit of that state of mind, at least for a while. Mindfulness at its best.





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