DIY Fuse beads lamps

My craft room/study is my place for tranquility, my type of tranquility, and now I finally have lamps to match my mood and the mood of the room!

I used to have white lamps, but they don’t give the right king of ambient mood in the evenings. They’re alright, but I wanted something a bit more cozy, so I thought for a long while and came up with an idea to make lamps out of fuse beads.

I made modules out of strips of fused together beads (7×21 beads) and glued them together into pentagons using a glue gun. Then I ordered and re-ordered them until I got four color combinations that I wanted (for 4 lamps).

I glued the pentagons together one on top of another. I made sure to use lots of glue on the inside of the pentagons, so that the plates of fuse beads won’t get unstuck.

Finally I glued a piece of cardboard on top of the lamp with a slit to the middle of the pentagon. I left one corner of it unglued to the lamp, so that I could thread the lamp bulb through it. 

The new lamps are just perfect for my little corner of the world! And they give such a lovely, warm light in the evenings!


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I have loads of treasures in my home, but today I want to focus on one treasure – my beautiful pieces of paper!

I used to save my best papers for later, but then one day I realized – now is later! The best time to use something you love is now, and not later. So when I needed a wallpaper for my new craft room I decided to use up all my treasures! Now they’re all where they are supposed to be – glued to my craft room wall where everyone can see them, and where I can enjoy them every time I walk past them.

Some of  the papers are really old and came with the house. Others are pretty papers that friends have sent me. Some I bought in Denmark and I always remember that when I look at them. Many have gold hues – I love gold!

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Pieni Lintu - MakroTex challenge

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