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Another Granny blanket finished, this one was a mistake made when I was very, very tired and forgot I had a whole bag full of Granny hexagons somewhere in my study! I was planning on giving away the blanket as a gift, and thought I had counted wrong. Turned out, I hadn’t, so I ended up mistakenly crocheting an extra 80-100 hexagons or so…

When life gives you an extra bag full of hexagons – make a blanket!

We slowly unpacked after visiting Vasa and the TV-show Strömsö last week. I haven’t gotten around to editing the pictures from that trip yet, but I have gotten around to unpacking all the DIY-jewelry etc that I brought for the TV-show. They are strewn here and there in my room, being decorative (unlike their very tired creator!)

The panda on the craft cupboard is one my daughter made one day. She thought we needed a panda! We obviously did, because it’s been hanging on the cupboard door ever since, after a brief stint on another door.

I sometimes collect souvenirs – other people’s, not my own! When I travel I don’t want to lug home a lot of cheap souvenirs, but I don’t mind buying them second hand when people get tired of their own souvenirs. And then I only buy things that remind me of places I’ve been.

But right now I’m quite happy staying where I am! The sun is shining, our house is warm thanks to our stack of firewood and the kids are growing up and becoming really interesting awesome people to be around!




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