Everyday life (or am I still dreaming?!)

It feels so odd to be back home from the cruise! Yesterday it felt as if we were still on the trip, and as if this house and home were just a dream. Today I am having the opposite experience. Maybe because I still feel the long waves beneath my feet (and I miss the not cleaning up-part and the not having to prepare food-part…)

It felt as if we were away for much longer than ten nights. And it turns out my kids are really fun to be around – who knew?!

So many memories to unpack! We had such a great time – this was the best vacation we’ve ever been on, on so many levels.

It felt huge to have a sign like this that says ”Writer”. ”So what do you write?” was an obvious question to ask anyone with these yellow pouches. My answer: ”Dark fantasy, YA”. I have actually been writing constantly for two years now, a couple of kid’s books, a couple middle grade novels, two fantasy novels that need serious editing and now I’m on my third draft of the novel that I feel most comfortable with. I’ve also written six or seven short stories, and submitted one for Mary Robinette Kowal’s workshop. It was amazing getting feedback from other writers, and especially from Mary who is an expert on short stories.

Niklas is reliving the cruise by drinking coffee from his unicorn mug! He bought it in Kiel and used it on the cruise. We were so happy that we got to do some shopping already in Kiel, because the kids were definitely expecting presents, and we didn’t have either the inclination or the time to do any shopping after that. We managed to pick up a few things, but most of the stuff we bought in Kiel (which seems to be a big shopping city) and at Hamburg Airport (which was one of the worst airports we have visited – more on that later).

The kids welcomed us with homemade bouquets.

They had made their own Welcome Home-cards as well, or the two youngest had – our fourteen old was totally fine with us  being away for so long, and didn’t feel the need for any cards!

I love it when the kids make their own bouquets.

The garden has fared well while we were away, not that I had any thoughts about it while we were away.

My parents even had the kids join and chop wood one day! So it was really nice to come home to a clean house and not that many chores that needed to be done.

Yay, we got to see the agapanthus bloom for the first time!

The house still stands, and now we even have electricity in all of the house. When we came home the sockets in the lower floor didn’t work, but we were so tired so we used extension chords until today when we got an electrician to fix the problem.

The pond looks lush, just like the rest of the garden.

Nice to be home when you are feeling relaxed! I need to do this more often.

Our daughter was happy with the earrings that we brought her.

This is our youngest. He collects band aids, and now he got some German ones!

Clothes hanging to dry everywhere.

Some of our son’s collection

Our fourteen old who has been busy playing board games with his friends ever since we came home. He was so jealous he didn’t get to go on the cruise!

Our lovely black bunny is also happy to be home!

And I? I still feel unreal. This cruise was such a life-changing experience, and we hope we get to see some of our new friends at Worldcon later this week!



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