What we do when we’re quarantined

How’s everybody doing?

We’re doing fine, and are having fun staying at home – which is essential if you want too keep your stress levels low. That’s one thing that everyone should really focus on right now, try to get the stress levels down through having fun, talking to loved ones over the internet, staying connected.

I do my best to give the kids a fun, everyday life, and so far they have been so motivated and lovely to be around (are these actually my kids?!)

They’ve been doing their schoolwork so well, they’ve even done voluntary assignments! The kids have been doing presentations about different countries, and then we eat food from those countries.

First up, Japan:

My daughter made some lovely sushi – some using salmon, and some just a veggie version for us that are allergic.

We even had ginger and soy sauce and ate with chopsticks! But first we got to listen to her presentation and watch some pictures from Japan.

Such a delicious meal! It’s odd  how now when we have all the time in the world, family life also changes. We prepare dinner for hours instead of just a few minutes. We aren’t in a hurry anywhere, and can just go with the flow and do what we like. Clothing optional! 😀 Apart from that we’ve introduced a new family rule – mediation twice a day instead of only just one time. I always meditate twice, but the kids have so far managed to wriggle out of it, but now they’re sitting still just like the rest of us both morning and evening.

We also do a gratitude journal every evening.

And we have a short workout session in the morning. I usually work out by myself, so it’s no biggie to simply have the kids join in.

Today we watched Carmen while I braided the hair of my youngest. It was definitely relaxing!

I try to take care of myself – I craft while I watch the news, and I try to find some time for writing. Haven’t been able to pick up a book yet, I can’t just seem to concentrate. Luckily my To Be Read-pile at home is quite large!


Here are some more online resources:

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There are free meditations, workouts and sleep stories on Calm


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