Chocolate fondue – a healthy dessert

We eat mainly Pegan (paleo + vegan), i.e. homemade food made from scratch, mostly greens and vegetables, but sometimes we still want something sweet. And what do you know, we already had the perfect utensils at home for the perfect dessert – chocolate fondue!

Everyone can enjoy just as much fruit and berries as they want, and those who want to dip them in dark chocolate can do just that. Those who want to completely steer clear of artificial sugar can just skip the chocolate – fruits and berries are delicious as is!

A really easy, healthy and still social dessert perfect for both ordinary weekends and parties. So yes, it is different to not eat that much sweets and unhealthy desserts and dinners – the social situation can change, but you can work around that small obstacle – fruit as a dessert is just as delicious and as social as any cake buffet!


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