Stress less, bliss more – the perfect mix of meditation and manifesting!

I started meditating last year, mainly using the Calm-app and the mindfulness meditations that they use. And it did wonders for my life, if somewhat slowly!

Then this book came out earlier this year:

Emily Fletcher teaches her own version of Vedic meditation, the Z technique, or Ziva, and I immediately bought the book and started meditating. Although I loved the book and the Facebook forum where Emily answers question and is being an all around lovely human being, I still was a bit unsure if I was meditating the way I was supposed to, or not. It is difficult to learn meditation from a book, or so people say.

Then I stumbled upon this book, and got all the answers I was looking for from Light Watkins!

Yes, I am definitely meditating when I’m sitting there twice daily for 15 minutes with my eyes closed. I have experienced many of the things Light describes, including the meditation plateau (which was when I was starting to doubt if it was doing any good, and why was it just so boring to meditate!). I’ve been remembering things from early childhood, I’ve been seeing colors and shapes, I’ve suddenly started crying (once only out of one eye). All those weird, odd things that are things that happen naturally in this layman’s meditation.

And I’ve been seeing improvement in my life: I’m now doing a combination of the two different meditation practices, using Light’s mantra, and Emily’s manifestation after the meditation. And they are doing wonders for me!

Meditation is not a cure-all, but it does give a sense of mindfulness to the rest of your life, making all the stressful situations a little shorter and less intense, and the happier situations longer and more blissful. It definitely makes you better at life!

Since I love all things DIY, I also love that I can be able to learn how to meditate from books. Technology has its downsides, but this is definitely an upside for me, who never ever would have had the means to travel to seek out a meditation expert.

Both Emily and Light are amazing human beings that inspire so many people around the world, and if you like me want to have better sleep, more energy and feel happier overall – take a look at their interviews/talks and buy their books! And just go ahead – give yourself permission to take 30 minutes of your life every day to make your own life a better quality life which is much more enjoyable!


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