Unreliable Narrators-interview & The Vessel of Ra

So many things I want to write about, so little time. I came home from the Writing Excuses cruise in August filled with ideas for millions of blog posts. But there is just not enough time for me to sit down and actually do the blog posts, other than in my head at times when I’m far away from the computer. There’s just been so much writing this fall – first I did the Writing the Other-course, and then it was almost time for NaNoWriMo (which I’ve already won, yay!). I’ve haven’t even had time to read all the wonderful books that I bought on the cruise, but as I finish them I will post about them here on the blog.

My time this fall has been spent

1. trying to learn how to see with my new glasses (I still have double vision)

2. going for long walks trying to get rid of the headaches caused by the glasses

3. writing

4. listening to podcasts about writing

…and then family stuff of course! It’s been an overwhelming period, mainly because of the health issues I’ve had all fall, but now it feels as if I’m on the better side of that. I even have a sort of Christmassy feeling already – and I almost never look forward to Christmas, so this is really huge!

Anyway, when we were at the cruise, Niklas and I were interviewed by the lovely Catherine Schaff-Stump and Chris Cornell – you can listen to the interview here (we’re 24 minutes in, I think).  It was so nice meeting you guys, and spending that day in St Petersburg with Chris! I hope we’ll meet again sometime, if we ever get the means to get on another writing cruise or something similar. Their podcast is called Unreliable Narrators and you can find it here.

We had dinner with Cath on the cruise, and talked about how much I love reading YA and Cath was nice to send me her new novel The Vessel of Ra.

It’s YA, set in the 1800s about magical families in Venice involving Egyptian Gods – that’s a nice mix! Catherine is an accomplished writer who definitely knows her way around sentences, and her characters are so interesting. Plus magic, in Venice – one of the most magical places on earth!

Go check it out here.

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