My blue snake-necklace

This necklace was so fun to make! I had already made a template for a snake-necklace, so I decided to make another one. I gathered all my turquoise beads and went to work. And it turned into a real statement necklace – you can’t help but feel pretty when you wear it, it has such a lovely weight and lots of bling!

The snake wraps around my neck a little bit more, but I needed a model so my daughter volunteered. The only drawback – now she’s in love with the necklace as well! (luckily I’ve got lots more to dangle in front of her, so I’ll get to keep this one to myself!)



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We need flowers!

Spring is starting to come to my parts of the world, but it couldn’t spring fast enough so I made a whole bunch of flowers out of paper.

The yellow and blue ones got to share space with some birch branches for a while.

Look how pretty with all those patterns in the paper! And the green surrounding the brown – I love it!

I made a bouquet for my parents for when they got home from Spain, along with a big golden bow.

I’ve been saving these tissue papers for so long for a special project, and this was the perfect opportunity to splurge and use up all my pretty papers!

My daughter made a card to go along with the bouquet, along with the almost obligatory present in these odd times…! (Niklas also made banana bread yesterday, we’re supertrendy!)

The large purple and yellow bouquet remained at home, where it sat on the table in the hallway during all of Easter.

All these lovelies have moved upstairs since to another prominent spot.

And if you want to make similar flowers for yourself or others to enjoy – here’s the post where I show how I make these flowers.



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You can’t have Easter without a Påskris!

…or well, you can, but where’s the fun in that?! (read all about our Påskris-tradition here)

This year I made a teeny tiny påskris, with extra feathers, and extra colorful.

And I sort of volunteered the whole family to craft with me! We all needed a break and with the weather not cooperating it was much more fun to sit inside around the table and craft together. Turns out, everyone wanted to do some Hama-beads crafts, so we ended up with an egg, a witch without her hat, a bunny hopping along, and a chicken. All in all not too bad! Especially as I found these two little bunnies that can hop along the table and just be cute and/or annoying!

This year’s Påskris is embellished with these tiny yellow birds! I love it so much, it’s like instant joy and Easter in our house!


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My DIY yellow rings-necklace

This was such a fun necklace to make!

I knew I wanted to have two interlocking circles, and I also wanted to incorporate one of my old necklaces. I started by drawing two circles on some felt using some glasses and bowls as a template.   Then I sewed all the yellow heart-shaped beads to one circle, and round glittery beads to the other circle. I filled it in with small bronze-colored beads that I suspect have been going around the family circles since the 80s waiting to be used!

It’s such a nice necklace to wear, it has such a good weight to it, and the earring doesn’t stick to your body which makes it perfect for me and my allergies.

All made from scraps. All it took was a lot of patience, a virtue I seem to have a lot of these days! I haven’t made a necklace in quite a while, but I feel my hands start to get itchy when I look through my pictures. It is so relaxing to sit and sew beads and listen to an audiobook or a lecture or something.



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DIY Colorful spring flowers

Here are some easy spring flowers to make – I used crepe or silk paper for these flowers, but you can easily use newspaper or whatever paper you have at home!

You need some wire, a pompom or something similar (or leave it out!), some markers, washitape and paper

First I glued pompoms onto some wire.

I made the centers of the flowers by cutting green crepe paper in thin slices, not all the way through.

The petals are made from crepe paper.

I cut them all out in thick bunches, and drew dots or stripes on each individual petal.

From the left: pompoms glued to wire. Wire + pompoms with some green crepe paper glued around. Petals in heaps. Some petals glued to a flower. All the petals glued to one flower, and then finally – three finished flowers.

I glue all the petals using a gluegun. Mine gets really hot, so be careful when gluing! Or take things slowly and just use ordinary wood glue.

After that I wrap the wire/stem with washitape. 

The finished flowers are really pretty!   

I make leaves by glueing wire to some green paper.

A heap of flower centers.

My bouquet has been steadily growing.

I also made some yellow flowers. And lots of more green leaves! 

It’s such a colorful lovely flower right now when spring hasn’t yet sprung completely in our neck of the woods!

And some much needed color! (although you can easily make pretty flowers like this using only white paper also!)


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New lamps for the living room

I decided that we needed new lamps for the living room. Might have something to do with the fact that we’ve been home almost constantly lately! (those of us who are able go for walks outside, or play outside in the yard)

I made some new lamps just like I did the lamp for my room.

I cut out rectangle-shaped paper with rounded short sides, and folded them into hearts.

I stapled them together, first as hearts, then into a big flower. I made two versions, one bigger, one smaller and glued them onto each other. Then I glued a circle on top of the flowers.

I used some cardboard (an oatmeal box or something like that) for hanging the lamps.

I glued them into place using a bowl as support. And I glued the things wrong! Don’t do like I did in the picture above! The opening needs to be to the side, so that you can string your lamp through it easily.

The lamps are really pretty when the spring light streams through the windows.

And I had all the materials at home – printer paper and some cardboard.

Have a great week everyone – we’re still homeschooling and self-isolating, and having a good time! And today the sun is shining and the spring flowers are out in droves – a good day!


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DIY Green snake necklace

This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter – we had so much fun there in the woods surrounded by all those flowers and all that greenery!

My daughter wore a crown I made out of glass beads, a gown made from two old curtains, black pants and boots and my favorite necklace – a green snake.

This necklace took quite some hours to make! First I had to figure out the pattern. I cut out pieces of newspaper and wrapped them around my neck. When I was satisfied with the shape, I cut it out from felt fabric.

The black beads have been with me ever since we lived in Copenhagen more than ten years ago. The eyes of the snake are round bauble-like beads, that were used for a bracelet. The rest of the beads are old broken necklaces and bracelets.

This is quite the statement necklace, and I always feel fancy when I wear it! The snake wraps closely around the neck and the head bites the tail (there’s a hidden clasp beneath the head, and a ring on the tail-end of the necklace to hook the clasp on).

I especially like the idea that I finally got a good use to all those green necklaces I had saved for ages! They are just perfect for a snake like this.

P.S. I haven’t added a template to this post – write a comment if you want to create your own necklaces like these, and I’ll see if I can at least take a photo of my templates! They’re all just pieces of newspaper that I’ve cut into the shape I wanted.

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The brown butterfly necklace

I don’t know about you, but I definitely need distractions nowadays! Fun things to do, friends to talk to, cute bunny-videos to look at. I try to dream away and step into my fantasy land for a little while – Pargasia, where everyone who wants to be a princess can be that! Or a pirate if you choose that – anything is possible!

We sometimes step into that alternate reality for a bit, my daughter and I. Like on the picture above, taken one lovely fall afternoon.

Nosipho is wearing a hat I’ve created plus the brown butterfly necklace that I’ve only worn for a couple of occasions.

This was a superfun project! I drew the butterfly onto a piece of felt. Then I sewed beads in blocks of color so that it would look a little bit like a butterfly.

The necklace is lined with suede, and feels soft and comfy against your body. The blue-green beads are a leftover from the 80s when my mom crocheted jewelry (there was this crochet bead-fad at that time). Feels fun to use up all those lovely beads that I’ve stored for so many years. They get to shine once again!


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Some fun DIY:s to do at home

When you’re quarantined, you need fun stuff to do.

Here are some the crafts I’ve made that you too can make at home. You only need some old books, newspaper, scraps or paper and maybe some pipe-cleaners (and if you want to go crazy with pipe-cleaners, there are lots of great resources on Pinterest!)

Make your own roses out of book pages. Or newspaper. Or whatever papers you have at home!

If you have pipe cleaners at home, you can make roses like these:



Make your own princess-crowns, and stroll around looking fabulous like these three princesses:


Make your own lovebirds out of whatever paper you have at home:


Fold an origami heart and send it to someone who needs a bit of love right now:


Decorate your window with hearts:


All these crafts and more can be found on my blog through the tag ”diy”.

Hopefully we can all stay calm and hopeful and help each other so that this whole situation solves itself as soon as possible, and with the least bit of casualties possible!


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