Christmas pine cone crafts

I love crafting with what nature gives us – you get a glimpse and a memory of the woods and forests while you craft, and afterward when you incorporate the decorations into your home. It’s a win-win in so many ways.

This pretty pine cone decoration was really easy to make, and adds so much flair- I glued strings to pine cones, and then glued some jingle bells and decorations on them, plus a lace ribbon. It jingle jangles whenever you walk past it, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Sometimes single pine cones are pretty enough to hang by themselves, perhaps enhanced by a glossy ribbon.

I’ve also been making mini-Christmas trees out of pine cones. I glued a pine cone onto a piece of wood. Painted the edges of the cone with white paint and then glued beads onto them. Plus a glittery star on top.

Makes for a nice little Christmas present for friends and neighbors.

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