DIY Cozy Christmas Cushions

I love upcycling and reusing old, loved materials for something new!

What better way to keep old doilies and napkins in use than to turn them into pillow covers?

It is so easy to sew new covers for your pillows – just take a rectangle of material (in this case, some old table cloths), turn it inside out and fold it over the cushion. Pin together the sides, and ease out the cushion through the bottom i.e. where the fabric is folded. Sew the sides, turn it back the right way up and presto, you’ve got a cushion cover!

Christmas season becomes a bit more magical with throw pillows for the season. I’ve decorated ours with old doilies, buttons and ribbons, and old napkins.

Makes for a very cozy corner to sit and sip some mulled wine and listen to Christmas music!


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