Happy Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer, everyone! Today we’re celebrating the very old, probably ancient holiday which is still big here in Finland, and in Sweden (in Denmark they’ve forgotten their roots and are burning witches on Midsummer! That has nothing to do with our tradition – this is a celebration of fertility in its origin, and also somewhat how it’s still celebrated. It has nothing to do with witches, nothing.). There are really just two major holidays in our two countries – Christmas and Midsummer. And you used to do similar things on both holidays – dance ”ringdanser”, dancing in a huge ring around either a midsummer pole or the Christmas tree. Plus eating, lots of eating! (and boozing, but my family has sort of skipped that part)

It’s like nature knows there is something special with this holiday, because this is the time when our garden is at its most beautiful! So many flowers blooming, so many insects buzzing. And almost endless sun.

I hope you have a lovely Midsummer Eve, whether alone or in company – and that the warmth of the long tradition of greeting the sun and rejoicing in being alive and being part of nature can somehow seep into you too, wherever you are!

P.S. My DIY Midsummer pole in the first picture is a mix of Danish, Swedish and Finnish traditions! The pole itself and its shape is Swedish, the flags Danish and Finnish – it’s my own invention and not something you’d see IRL, but I love to mix all my ”heritages” in this way!

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