We need flowers!

Spring is starting to come to my parts of the world, but it couldn’t spring fast enough so I made a whole bunch of flowers out of paper.

The yellow and blue ones got to share space with some birch branches for a while.

Look how pretty with all those patterns in the paper! And the green surrounding the brown – I love it!

I made a bouquet for my parents for when they got home from Spain, along with a big golden bow.

I’ve been saving these tissue papers for so long for a special project, and this was the perfect opportunity to splurge and use up all my pretty papers!

My daughter made a card to go along with the bouquet, along with the almost obligatory present in these odd times…! (Niklas also made banana bread yesterday, we’re supertrendy!)

The large purple and yellow bouquet remained at home, where it sat on the table in the hallway during all of Easter.

All these lovelies have moved upstairs since to another prominent spot.

And if you want to make similar flowers for yourself or others to enjoy – here’s the post where I show how I make these flowers.



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