Behind the scenes at Strömsö – part 1

My daughter and I had such an amazing time at Strömsö!

We arrived the day before the shooting and went out to Strömsö to unload all my DIY jewelry, and to have a talk with Elin, the host of the show.

The Strömsö-house is amazing! It’s filled with so many lovely little details, like these eggs that I think were used for a recent program.

My daughter had a great time, Instagramming all those little details! (btw, my friend Sandra recently taught me how to use Instagram properly – I’m such a Luddite when it comes to IG, so now I’ve been having fun posting stories! 🙂 I had no idea what stories were – true story!)

The people at Strömsö had already staged the studio with a lot of DIY materials for us to play with.

It was a bit nerve-wracking looking at this table and thinking ”Tomorrow I’ll sit here and try to DIY on demand! What if I can’t make a pretty bracelet..?!” (I could, in fact I made two! But I was so nervous beforehand)

”It looks like at home!” said my daughter, and I agreed.

We often have piles of material like this lying around on tables in my room!

I got to place my jewelry among the materials, so that they would look pretty on the show.

The snake necklace is my favorite!

I brought along a couple of the crowns I’ve made.

And a lot of my fascinators!

Everything looked quite nice and inviting.

We were set to shoot in the large room in the middle of the Strömsö-house. You can see a glimpse of their kitchen through the large doors.

My jewelry all on display! I got butterflies at seeing them presented like this!

It did feel a bit daunting to be filmed while creating – usually I have total control over all aspects of what I show here on this blog and on Instagram! But I had to relinquish all control, and just try to go with the flow, which was a pretty amazing experience.

And I love, love, love strolling around the Strömsö house and looking at all the lovely colors and details!

Such an amazing house, and such an amazing creative team behind the show.

…the show’s on on Saturday & Sunday! I’m so excited!

Part 2


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