DIY Butterfly necklace

I just start beading and beading and beading… And one day all of a sudden a necklace is done!

This butterfly necklace is made out of an old bracelet, old glass beads that I’ve kept since I was little, and odd beads that I found rummaging around my drawers.

I started by drawing the shape of a butterfly on some green felt fabric. I drew where I wanted the yellow parts. After sewing all the yellow beads in place, it didn’t look enough ”buttefly:ey” to me, so I added some purple beads and a blue sparkly something.

It sparkles and feels substantial, like it’s a proper necklace when you wear it.

P.S. I also made the head-wrap that my daughter wears in the pictures. Sometimes we wear matching head-wraps – the best hairstyle when you’re hair is not really co operating and you still want to look pretty! (this usually happens to me, not my daughter! She always looks beautiful)


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