DIY jewelry – pink statement necklace

Welcome new readers!

Since many probably are here to take a closer look at my DIY jewelry, I thought I’d take some new pictures of them and present them here on the blog.

Featured above is the first necklace I made using upcycled materials and lots and lots of beading. I needed a necklace for a wedding, and since I had become allergic to all kinds of metals, I decided to make a necklace from scratch.

I drew out a shape on newspaper and cut it out from felt. And then I sewed hundreds of little beads onto the felt. The central bronze-colored rosette is an old brooch that I repurposed in this fashioned, along with a pretty button that had similar features.

It’s quite a heavy necklace to wear, but that only adds to the festive feeling when you wear it. And it sits so great around the neck and onto your bosom! I lined it with suede from an old jacket. Upcycling at its best!


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