Hansel and Gretel better watch out!

This year I went full fairy-tale with the gingerbread house!

I wanted something that Hansel and Gretel just couldn’t resist, so I trawled the internet for inspiration pictures. I looked through so many images from picture books, and then I set to work.

I sketched the house and made templates out of cardboard (I’ll release the templates here soon, if you too want to make this gingerbread house) and baked the house. The fun part was decorating! This house was so easy to make, and it looks so delicious!

The main thing that makes the house look like it’s inhabited by a witch who wants to eat little children are the lollipops in my opinion. I stuck them through some marshmallows plus used lots of royal icing to get them in the right position. Now that the icing is hardened, their foundation is almost rock-solid.

I made lots of small gingerbread cookies and decorated them before I attached them to the gingerbread house. I only had red food coloring at home, so the house is mainly colored red-pink-white, but I think it still works. Especially at Christmas time.

I layered all the little cookies, which creates an effect of abundance. Suits a fairy tale house perfectly!

This was such a fun house to make!

(I need to take more pictures of it – I just have to wait for the sun to come out! We have such short days now, but in a month’s time that will all change. Until then, I have to make sure to have the camera ready in the middle of the day, or else the pictures get too grainy.)


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