Interior – our newest kids room!


We’re almost finished renovating the whole house! This is the final kids’ room, and it is maybe the loveliest! IMGP8188

I’ve dreamt about this room for a long while, and gathered loads of little bits and pieces  to make the room as cozy as possible. IMGP8191

The best part is the built in bed – I and two of the kids cozy up here at bedtime and read stories, and sometimes look out of the window at the sunset outside. IMGP8209

The room has two different facing windows. And loads of little pretty details, like this lovely picture that my good friend made for us when we moved from Denmark. IMGP8226

We found this almost kitschy mirror at a flea market – it is just perfect for this room!   IMGP9089

The furniture are all hand me downs, including the beautiful lamps.


This is the crowning glory: the built in bed, with storage. With a real silk sari for curtains.

You feel like a princess when you sleep in it!


Pieni Lintu - MakroTex challenge


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