DIY delicious devil horns

We’re huge fans of Christine McConnell in this house, so when it was time for our Halloween-party (a late party, Halloween has really already come and gone, but we live in Finland where it’s not that ingrained in the culture yet, so we just ignore it!) we wanted to make ALL of her projects!

That was just not humanly possible – the house she makes in episode 1 has just so many amazing details that it would take me at least a year to make. But I love looking at it! There were some more easy projects that I tried, like the scary candles.

And the devil horns.

These are superdelicious made out of candy canes and really expensive white chocolate that I dyed pink.

I really hope there’ll be a season 2 of Christine McConnel’s show, with more funny, scary stories and lots of inspiration!



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DIY Dementor Cloaks – supereasy, and fast!

All of a sudden more than half of my family needed Dementor Cloaks – it might have something to do with them reading the 6th Harry Potter book! I made these very easy cloaks using some cheap black velour


I cut two rectangles – one for the hood and one for the cloak. I folded the hood in two and sewed together the top of it. I pleated the cloak and sewed it to the cloak, and finally I sewed to ribbons to fasten the cloak with. 

Now our house is filled with very scary Dementors! Happy Halloween!


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DIY Scary Candles

There were so many amazing things in The Curious Creations of Christine McDonnell that I just wanted to rush off and do myself immediately. Most were way too complicated for me, but this project was just perfect.

Instead of making my candles from scratch, I took a couple of black and couple of orange candles. I mixed melted candle wax with some beeswax to get a really old look on the candles. Then I poured the melted wax over the candles until I got the thickness I wanted (made to the thickness of some candlesticks that I own). I cut out the scary face using a scalpell.

When the candle is lit, it is even more scary! The black or orange middle runs and puddles around the candle, making it look as if it’s bleeding!



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My new favorite show – ”The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell”

My daughter and I have a new favorite show on Netflix, and the only negative thing about it – there’s only one season of it! So far. Hopefully many more love it, so that we can get more of Christine’s curious creations, because they were just such a delight.

Christine is an amazing artist and creator, and the show is really odd and fascinating – sort of a mix of The Addams Family meets Martha Stewart meets Gremlins.

Just what we love!

You can find it on Netflix, and also check out Christine McConnell’s Instagram and prepare to be amazed!


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I stället för pumpa

Det bidde inga pumpor i år, för jag orkade inte förodla nästan nånting alls. Det bidde miljontals äpplen istället! Och med den här härliga hösten vi har haft har de hållit sig goda och välsmakande ända tills nu – nu får vi plocka in dom till natten för dom lovar frost till inatt.

Snart Halloweendags, och i stället för pumpor står den här korgen med ljung och välkomnar gäster tillsammans med en läskig spindel och en tack och lov oäkta råtta!



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This year’s Halloween party

Our house was sufficiently spooky this Saturday, for our annual Halloween party.

…we seem to have a spider infestation! That’s what you get when you live in an old house, I guess.

Niklas made a dessert consisting of dirt and earthworms

…or rather chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and jello worms that he made himself. It was a huge hit!

I love decorating with eyes here and there.

We served pumpkin hummus in a pumpkin bowl

Our guest brought along some food including these barbeque sticks with creepy eyes among other things. They were delicious!

I tried to color the kids’ drinks, but accidentally made their drinks more creepy by adding a food coloring that was a bit gel like. It looked like something died at the bottom of the container!

Spooky pie

Our teenager, Jack Skellington

Our two youngest were ”creepy twins” and greeted all the guests with a creepy dialogue.

I got to do their makeup, with no bars on how creepy it would get to be – the same didn’t go for my makeup! my kids want me to look like Mom all the time…!

Which I did, just added a bit of facial hair…

It was such a fun night. We even had time to play our two favorite games – Lovecraft Letter and Last Night on Earth, and this time the zombies won…! Moahahahahaaa! (My best friend and I always play the zombies)


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Magical lampshade DIY

We’ve started decorating for Halloween, or rather – the kids have. I’ve still got headaches from my new glasses, and don’t see that well, so the kids are helping me with so many things. So now our house is already decorated, not only that – the kids even found new ways to decorate with stuff I had in my Halloweenboxes. This is one of them:

Isn’t the lampshade magical all at once?

We had a bunch of black dragon-cutouts lying around, and she took a piece of tape and pasted them in place on the inside of the lampshade.

Instant magic – I love it!

P.S. All our lampshades wear witche’s hats these days!



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