My magical garden

It feels like magic every year this time of year, when the flowers are all of a sudden appearing and the wildlife returns to our garden.

I actually have real life ”birds and the bees” discussions sometimes when we see the insects flying around! Because that’s what they’re doing – exchanging DNA between plants.

But mostly we enjoy watching all the colors.

I love to lie down and look at them from a close up angle! It’s looks almost as it does inside my head when I see all those colors!

I tend to forget where I put the bulbs, so I always get pleasantly surprised in the spring.

The eranthis always reminds me of my grandparents who brought me a bouquet of them, or snowdrops on my birthday.

Just look at this color! It is just so happy!

The hellebore is always one of my favorites. We don’t have many blooming this year, but everyone of them is a beauty.

The pelargoniums are thriving in our small greenhouse. 

Look – flowers!

Some sort of scilla (I think), that grows in completely the wrong place! But it’s so pretty, so I let it sit there year after year, right next to our trashcan.

It is also nice to finally be able to hang the clothes to dry outside.

I’m planning projects as I walk through my garden. I’m going to do something with this old frame.

The greenhouse is ready for the season. It always feels as if our living space is doubled when spring finally comes!


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