You can’t have Easter without a Påskris!

…or well, you can, but where’s the fun in that?! (read all about our Påskris-tradition here)

This year I made a teeny tiny påskris, with extra feathers, and extra colorful.

And I sort of volunteered the whole family to craft with me! We all needed a break and with the weather not cooperating it was much more fun to sit inside around the table and craft together. Turns out, everyone wanted to do some Hama-beads crafts, so we ended up with an egg, a witch without her hat, a bunny hopping along, and a chicken. All in all not too bad! Especially as I found these two little bunnies that can hop along the table and just be cute and/or annoying!

This year’s Påskris is embellished with these tiny yellow birds! I love it so much, it’s like instant joy and Easter in our house!


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