Back home from the Writing Excuses Cruise

We’re just back from the Writing Excuses Cruise, and what an experience it was!

We’ve had so much fun, and just as all the blog posts I read beforehand said (because I’m a compulsive planner!) the main thing about the cruise was the networking. Getting to know new people, getting to know your tribe – people who are creative geeks who love writing, history, spec fic and just geeking about things. I’ve always felt as the odd one out, but on this cruise I was surrounded by likeminded people! I’ve had so many fascinating discussions about pagan rituals in Europe, etymology, obscure history, diversity and different cultures. It was amazing to talk to people who just completely got you straight away!

I will do a lot of blog posts about the cruise, with pictures from all the stops and also tips if you are going on a cruise like this (the cruise ship – meh, the WXC – Amazing!). Niklas and I already miss all the new friends we met on the cruise, and hope to meet you all again in the future! Hopefully when we’re all famous writers 🙂

Two really nervous Finland Swedes on their first ever cruise, and first ever writer’s conference – one of them will learn how to live with a writer, and the other one will learn how to use the falling tone, ”I am a writer!”

P.S. I’ll be doing lots more blog posts in English from now on. I need to practice my language skills, and also get over my perfectionist hang ups, so bear with me – they will have grammatical errors, and stuff like that.

Jag kommer att skriva fler blogginlägg på engelska från och med nu – skriver kanske lite på svenska ibland också, men vi kom just hem från en författarkurs på engelska så jag behöver lite öva mig på det. Men det blir nog pysselinlgäg i framtiden också!


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