A clock

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This is the oldest clock that we own.

My husband got it as a memento of my grandmother that he took care the last year of her life.

When we moved here to my hometown, Pargas, Finland from Copenhagen, Denmark, we moved into a house that was being renovated with no room for my husband for a home office. My grandmother had a  spare room, so he moved in there with his computers.  At first some people were skeptical of the idea (”Are you still having that man working in your house?”), but with time even the doubters changed their minds.

My grandmother cooked for my husband, and he helped her around the house with all those things that she had difficulties with like opening lids, shoveling snow and things like that.  They got to be great friends. Then when she got ill he helped and cooked for her, helped her with her medication and was above all a presence in her house so that we all didn’t have to worry about her being alone and maybe in distress.

When my grandmother died we quickly renovated one of the outbuildings which is where my husband now has his office, but my mother was insistent that he should at least have this clock as a memento of my grandmother. It hangs in my study where it fits best, but we don’t use the weights to have it running – it makes a terrible noise on the hour every hour all day and night! So nowadays it just hangs there, silent, and gets to listen to my great grandmother’s clock that is just a little bit to the right and lower down from this clock and has a lovely ticking.


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14 Replies to “A clock”

  1. Nora

    Vad fint <3
    Min man bodde hos min mormor när han först flyttade till Finland. De lagade mat tillsammans, hon lärde honom svenska och han hjälpte henne med allt möjligt. Han fick en Madonna-tavla i keramik som hon själv hade lagat som tack.

  2. Qaws

    Hieno kello! Onko tuossa ketjujen päässä sellaiset kävyt? Vanhemmillani oli lähes samanlainen kello, mutta toimimattomuuden ja tilanpuutteen vuoksi se hävitettiin koska suurtakaan tunnearvoa kellolla ei ollut. Minulle kyllä olisi kelvannut vaikka vain koristeeksi seinälle..

  3. Mustis

    Kaunis, vanha kello . ihana muisto isoäidistä. Kellot ovat tarinoita täynnä ja niin tässäkin:) Punnuskello edustaa 1800-luvun romanttista tyyliä.



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