Grey – one of my favourite colours

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People who visit our home are often amazed by all the colours everywhere – we have almost a whole rainbow of colours in our home. The one colour that people don’t comment on is the grey, in spite of it being one of the most used colours in the house, and also one of my favourite colours! (I have many, and they vary)

Grey is such a good base colour. Almost anything looks better contrasted with grey. I love our grey floors, the grey walls in the living room and all our grey chairs. Not white, not black, but a grey nuance that is just in the middle of the two other colours.

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13 Replies to “Grey – one of my favourite colours”

  1. Mustis

    Olipa hieno vastaus tähän haasteeseen, todella taidokkaasti kuvattu harmaata. Mielenkiintoiset kuvakulmat ja vähän erilainen lähestymistapa aiheeseen ihastutti:)



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