A perfect winter day


It is not often you get a day that is just perfect, but today was an exception –  the perfect winter day.


We went out for a stroll/skiing on the ice nearby, and picknicked on a little islet called ”The Thief”. According to legend this is where the people from a neighbour island, Kimito,  came when they stole pigs from Pargas. They slaughtered the pigs and the people from Pargas made sausages of the leftovers. Ever since that the people from Kimito are called ”Kimito swine” and the people from Pargas ”Pargas sausages”

…not too much truth to that, I think, but it is a fun little local legend.   117

The ice was covered with snow, but we had a handy little snow shovel with us, and with that we made some pathways to skate on. 12562603_1674861576118461_418149914_o(1)

I even got to try my skates for the first time in many years!

”Get out of the way, Mom! You’re too slow!”


I seem to remember almost being able to live on the ice when little, but that was obviously a long time ago! But it was still so much fun!


The sun shone all the time.

It is magical to ski on the ice in bright sunlight. 135   This is how every winter’s day should be like! More like these, please!


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