August – hopefully many more weeks of lovely flowers to enjoy!


Mini-cucumbers who want to grow up to be just as big as their older already eaten siblings – crossing our fingers that we don’t get minus degrees during the nights this month! 015

We still have berries left to pick. So yummy as a snack while you take a stroll through the garden!

017 (2)

A brand new backpack that got used for the very first time today when our youngest proudly walked to school.

003 (2)

The garden is almost at its loveliest right now. So many things to enjoy, and places to explore. 025

August – the month when all our kids started school! Yesterday a lot of time was spent sharpening pencils and packing the backpacks. Today is a big day for the whole family!

Pieni Lintu - MakroTex challenge


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9 Replies to “August”

  1. Täysin arkista

    Erittäin herkkää, mutta elokuuhun liittyvää. Valitettavasti kaikki kasvu on niin paljon jäljessä, että täytyy toivoa pitkää, lämmintä syksyä. Hyvää koulunalkua.



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