Garden bliss


Bliss! That is what I’m feeling when I am in my garden.

I just love our garden. I love everything about it – the layout (which took many months of preparation, and I loved every minute of it!), the different rooms with different vibes, the green house, all the seeds  that are sprouting and that it is a place for us, for my whole family. I love being able to hang our washing in the kitchen garden, just like our ancestors did during so many centuries!


My favourite place when it is windy is in the green house. Here you get an almost continental feeling, especially when  the lemon tree is flowering.


I use sea shells in the pot to keep the soil moist. I’ve painted the sea shells gold (you can almost never have too much gold! Or diamonds!)

039 (4)

The clothes are air drying, and in the background my Dad or my husband has a project going on. Our garden is super practical with lots of spaces that double as both eating areas and work areas.

043 (2)

We are trying to build a small fence under the tree house, with lots of branches that the bugs hopefully will love.



The apple trees have just started to bloom. They will be filled with apples in only a few months time!


049 (2)

During the evenings I take a stroll through the garden, just like many other garden lovers, and just enjoy all the different plants and flowers in my garden

036 (2)

But right now  the sun is shining so I will hurry up and finish this blog post and then go out into the green house and plant all the new seedlings that we bought today.


P.S. Did you know that the scientists are speculating that there are certain bacteria in the soil that combats depression? Which might be a contributing factor to why people who garden feel bliss!

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6 Replies to “Garden bliss”

  1. Maria

    Vilken härlig trädgård! 🙂 Och roligt med de målade snäckorna! Om ja hittar ett gäng tillräckligt stora snäckor så kanske jag målar dem med nagellack, jag har ju ett antal färger.. 🙂 Tänker mig att det kunde bli spännande t.ex. med mina glow-in-the-dark-lack i blått, orange och rosa, blir roliga att se på både dag- och nattetid 😉

    • Tant Ninette Post author

      jo, vilken bra idé! det låter jättekul med glow in the dark-lack och snäckor!



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