Easter at my house


Easter is happening once again in our house, in spite of us really not having room or energy for it, but in spite of that some Easter decorations show up almost by themselves!

At least it feels like that – I rummaged through my Easter boxes for the feathers for the Påskris, and then my hands just couldn’t emerge from the boxes without any Easter ornaments so now we have a little bit of Easter even on the door. Just as I like it!

When the weather is as rainy and grey as it is at the moment, a colourful Easter is the perfect remedy.


I found an old danish birds nest for some of my Easter eggs.


The Bahne family is now hanging in the kitchen window, just waiting for Easter and all the Easter witches (my cute kids! although the eldest is planning on being an ”Easter Alien” this year…!) and candy!

(the more observant reader will notice that our kitchen window still has part of its Christmas decor, and also Valentine’s decor! It seems like we will have all holidays at once this Easter)


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