Prinsessan av Pargasien i tidningen!

Nosipho and I were asked a while ago if we wanted to do a story about our fairy tale pictures. And we definitely wanted to!

It was so much fun to tell someone about our fantasy world, and now you can all watch some of the pictures of the Princess of Pargasia in their newspaper (link in Swedish below)


För ett tag sen frågade Anja Kuusisto Nosipho och mig om vi ville ställa upp på ett reportage om våra sagobilder.

Om vi ville!

Det var jätteroligt att få berätta åt nån om våra sagor, och nu får ni alla ta del av en del av bilderna på prinsessan av Pargasien i dagens ÅU!


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Prinsessor i Kuriren

Ibland blir man bara så glad in i själen, och det blir jag alltid då jag har nåt att göra med de härliga typerna som jobbar på Kuriren! (Kuriren = svenskfinlands veckotidning)

Jag har en artikel med i senaste numret (finns att köpa i diverse butiker i Finland) med bilder på ”mina” flickor när vi gjorde prinsessfotograferingar – det var så roligt! Vi fick så härliga minnen och hade det så skoj tillsammans!

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DIY Button crown

I’m always looking for new ways of recycling things, and this time I got to use a few of all the buttons I’ve amassed during the years to make a button crown for my daughter.

I started by making a circlet out of some metal thread. I threaded a button on the thread and twisted it to form spikes.

I added more  buttons to a piece of the metal thread and twisted it onto the crown. Then I just kept adding more and more buttons and pieces of thread until I felt the crown was almost finished.

As a last cute detail, I glued some peach and rose colored roses to the base of the crown, and placed an old fabric rose in the center.

A quick and easy crown to make!


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DIY Snow Queen-tiara

This was such an easy tiara to make, and so much fun!

I started with a plain white headband. I used uncolored glue and glued strings of it on a sheet of parchment paper all around the headband. This turned out not to be the best method though! I’ll show you how in a bit.

Then I glued more globs of glue, a thick layer of it closest to the headband where I stuck a bunch of diamonds. While the glue was still sticky, I sprinkled the tiara with lots of glitter.

But as I said – I hadn’t thought it through! The headband when it’s relaxed so to speak, is not shaped like the head it’s supposed to sit on. At this stage, I realized I needed to test the tiara, and it turned out it wasn’t bendy enough!

I fixed that by bending it around a suitable bowl, and then adding more glue.

Not a perfect oval, but that didn’t matter – it doesn’t show up in the pictures, and I added more snowflakes and diamonds.

All these items have been waiting in my craft cupboard for the right project.

Light yellow snowflakes, light gray snowflakes, a whole bunch of plastic diamonds and white glitter.

The tiara is really pretty up close!

And it suits our snow queen perfectly! I decided not to glue the big snowflakes into place, but instead threaded them onto a piece of silvery string that I wrapped around the head and fastened underneath the tiara.


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The real Snow Queen

Here’s a sneak peek at today’s wintery photo shoot – the Snow Queen herself in action! I think I’ve become addicted to making crowns. I made this DIY-crown yesterday, and had to hurry with it – who knows how long the winter stays here?

We had such a fun time together, but all the laughter doesn’t show up in this picture, but we both wanted the Snow Queen to be dramatic, and I think she succeeded at that!

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Wintery photo shoot

We had such an amazing winter’s day yesterday – bright sunshine on frosty trees everywhere, and we took the opportunity to do an impromptu photo shoot.

We brought with us the roses I made from an old book.  

It was cold, and it shows in some of the pictures! But my daughter was dressed warmly in her new boots, a thick layer of long underwear and that lovely folklore shawl that I found at a thrift shop.

We had so much fun!


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Yellow umbrella in the forest

We have so much fun dressing up and taking pictures! In these pictures my daughter is wearing her great great grandmother’s jacket, a skirt I made out of African wax-cloth, a necklace I’ve made and a hat I’ve made from scratch.

To top it off, my daughter got to use my grandmother’s vintage umbrella in mint condition – I love the color on it! And we both love taking these pictures!


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Autumn glory

Sometimes I need to relax by taking pictures. And my daughter is my willing accomplice.

Autumn colors, a thrift shop-dress, a cape that I sewed from some old sheet I found at a flea market – plus half an hour of posing and taking pictures. We don’t spend too much time on the photo shoots, they’re supposed to be fun and not stressful. I find a nice spot, place my daughter and click away on the camera.

This is what I think of as her Ozma-look. We love the Oz-books by L. Frank Baum, and we always pretend that Ozma looks just like this. And I am always Billina!

I had planned on wearing the cape myself for a different project, but it was perfect for this photo shoot. So easy to make as well – I cut  circles at the top and bottom, and made a hem plus a lining.

The necklace is one I made out of old jewelry and beads.

I made the flower crown out of different fabrics – a kitchen towel, a striped sheet (thrift shop find) and some schweschwe fabric that I had at home.

We have so much fun together!


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