DIY Somriga vimplar

Vädret samarbetade inte på midsommar, så jag beslöt mej för att skapa egen sommar inomhus.

Jag började med att göra nya somriga vimplar.

Det är något med broderade tygbitar som liksom känns sommar.

Som vittvätt på en lina, kökshanddukar som doftar frisk luft.

Vimplarna gjorde jag genom att klippa ut fyrkanter av broderade dukar, gamla lakan och stuvbitar som samlats hos mig. Jag ordnade bitarna på golvet tills de låg i rätt ordning och sen sydde jag fast dem i många meter tvärslå.

En stor del av tygbitarna kom från Lotta – tack tusen tack för dem! Lottas blogg hittar ni här.

Andra är från släktingar och vänner och det känns så roligt att låta de här gamla skönheterna få nytt liv. Inte nog med det – deras nya liv består i att hänga och se vackra ut och beundras!



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Lycka och fotografering

Det är så roligt att göra såna här fotograferingar! Vi får riktigt bre ut oss kreativt och flickorna får leva in sig i sina roller och riktigt njuta av att springa omkring och vara prinsessor

Och jag – jag njuter både när jag står bakom kameran och när jag kollar igenom bilderna efteråt! Ibland fångas de riktigt lyckliga ögonblicken på bild!


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DIY Fairy crown

I sometimes get the urge to produce something creatively with my hands, and what often comes out of that are crowns of all sorts. This one feels like a fairy crown, with all the little foresty details.

I started by making a crown frame using brown wire with these little red buds. I rummaged through my craft materials and chose flowers and lace and stuff that complemented each other.

I glued on some glittery pieces of jewelry that I’ve had in store for years, but not found a use for.

A doily in center stage, surrounded by flowers and glitter.

I also glued on a trio of butterflies. I love the gray against the red and coral!

There’s even a bird on this crown – perhaps a really tiny fairy bird who loves the flowers growing around the crown?

It felt so good to do something with my hands! And later on this spring, perhaps the crown will feature in an impromptu photo shoot if I find the inspiration.


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DIY Meditation pillow

I’ve been meditating for a while, and though I like to sit on a chair and meditate, or meditate out in the woods (can be uncomfortable or cold this time of year!) or sitting in my bed, I also sometimes want to just sit on the floor. But that position is not too good for long time meditating, which made me google meditation pillows. I found these instructions and made a pillow out of an old curtain fabric (a thrift shop find) and some gray fabric for pants that I got from my grandmother ages ago and never got around to do anything with. They turned out perfect for this project!

I used dried peas and cotton as filling, which works well because I get the stability I want from the peas, and softness from the cotton. The pillow also works perfectly for me when I sit and write. I still have aches after giving birth almost 15 years ago, and I usually have one of those plastic ergonomics pillows, but this one feels even better. This one I can mold until it is just the right fit for me.


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The beeswax wraps after a month of use

It’s been a while since I made the beeswax-covered cloths, and I never imagined we would use them as much as we do!

We pretty much wrap everything in them – leftover sweet potatoes that haven’t yet been cooked, bowls of whipped cream and glasses filled with egg yolks. They’re just so practical, and smell so good!

You can see the usage in them – the beeswax tends to gather in the folds, but that is easily remedied by a pair of warm hands.

We fold them and store them in a big bowl in the kitchen, ready for immediate use. And they smell so good! I keep going on about it, but it’s just – there’s something about beeswax that smells so delicious, and I’m happy my kids will associate this smell with their childhood!



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DIY Key to the Heart-brooch

I made another brooch made from recycled materials. I started with cutting out a heart shape out of cardboard, and then sewed a lot of white lace around it.

When the heart shape was covered, I sewed on a bow made out of a vintage ribbon, plus the key. Then I decorated it by sewing on freshwater beads. This was a really special brooch to make, especially as the person who received it had originally given the lace to me! I loved being able to use all these old materials for something new and meaningful.


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DIY Upcycled mittens

There is something so satisfying about making something from stuff that is unloved, unused. And not only that – the new thing is even cuter than the original one! I stumbled upon descriptions for mittens made from old sweaters (google mitten sweaters, or check out pinterest or youtube for instructions – there are both videos and patterns to download), and I just had to try them. I used old cross stitch paintings for both pairs of mittens. The mittens are lined with fabric from an old fleece blanket and the cuff is made from an old sweater.

So fun to make, and so addictive!

I have a feeling we’ll all be wearing cute upcycled mittens before this winter is over!



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DIY Reusable food wraps

I always try to find ways we can both

  1. save money
  2.  be environmentally conscious

When I heard about people making their own reusable Bee’s wraps, I knew that was a project I needed to try out. However, it turned out finding the right ingredients that the first recipe required wasn’t that easy, so I kind of forgot about it. Until Apartment Therapy did a post about Reusable wraps. Their recipe seemed easy, but in the comment section I found an even easier method that suited me better so I tried out that.

1. I cut pieces of old, used fabric with pinking shears. I made some bigger pieces, some smaller ones. The exact measurements aren’t that important – you can cut the fabric smaller afterward, and since the beeswax permeates the fabric, it will still work perfectly. Since the fabric will cover food, there is no point in using non-organic newly made fabric that is filled with chemicals, but older many-times-washed fabrics are perfect for this if you don’t get your hands on some organic cotton.

2. I heated sheets of beeswax plus coconut oil in a bowl on one of our wood burning stoves, at about a 10:1 ratio. I would have used a double boiler if I hadn’t already had this perfect place of melting wax. Our house smells wonderfully of beeswax now, by the way!

3. I dipped the fabric in the melted wax and used a pair of pincers to pick it up. Then I squeezed the extra wax off the fabric, trying not to burn myself in the process. I used a piece of undipped fabric for the squeezing.

4. Lastly, I held onto the fabric and waved it around in the air for a few seconds, letting the wax cool and set.

To use the fabric – just wrap it around the bowl and warm it with your hands. It should be a bit sticky so that it actually clings to the bowl or glass, so you might have to wash your hands afterwards.

You can wash off any food stains afterward with cold water and some soap – heat makes the wax melt off the fabric, but then again, if that happens you can always redo the process. Store the waxed fabrics in a drawer or a basket.

Super easy, so much fun to make and above all a practical way for us to limit the amount of cling film we use. Plus the waxed fabric looks really pretty!


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