DIY Glittery wreath with lots of tinsel

…yeah, I know, I kind of went overboard with this wreath-making business!

This one is a lovely silver one, with lots of tinsel and luscious red berries and leaves.

I’m going all in with wreath making this year! It’s just so much fun, and so easy – just take a styrofoam wreath, wrap it with something and add decorations. In this case, I finally got to use some of my really old berries and leaves, plus some silvery branches that I’ve collected during the years (left overs from some project or decoration or other).



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DIY Wintery jar with red strings

This was a fun and fast DIY!

I took some air drying clay, rolled it quite thin with a rolling pin.

I used some tulle netting when I rolled the clay the last time, to get some structure.

I lay the sheet of clay around an empty washed jar.

I made sure the edges overlapped.

Then I stamped some ”holes” using a straw. I trimmed the edge on the top of the jar.

When the clay had dried, I glued some red string to the ”holes” and made a bow at the top.

The structure looks really nice in person.

The little bullfinch likes his view! He can gaze out over all the Christmas loveliness that spreads out in our home these days.


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DIY Wreath with old baubles

I kind of got hung up on making wreaths, so I made this one too – it has already found a new home, which is so much fun!

This one is made up of old baubles that were obsolete or broken. Now they are a new festive decoration on someone’s door!

Making wreaths is so much fun! and so easy! Just wrap a styrofoam wreath in either tinsel or greens, and add decorations using a glue gun or some thread (metallic or other – the main thing is to get the decorations to stick to the wreath).

Happy Monday to you all!


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DIY Colorful Wreath

This was a very fun wreath to make! I used up all the baubles that I didn’t know how to use anymore (some of them chipped, some of them just not fitting anywhere).

I wrapped a styrofoam wreath in a lot of pink tinsel. Then I glued on the baubles and Christmas ornaments. It’s the perfect Christmas ornament for our Very Pink Hallway!


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DIY Advent Candles

I seem to collect old things that are still pretty, but aren’t in use any more. I’ve had these cookie molds for years, and I only just recently realized what I wanted to do with them. They were too rusty to use for cookies, but they are just perfect for our advent candles!

I glued a candle holder into each of the cookie molds.

Then I filled the molds with whatever I wanted – mushrooms, fake lingonberry leaves, pinecones.

I also did a version with just sugar and spices. It looks rustic and smells lovely!


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DIY Holiday Animals

Here’s a fun way to recycle the kids’ old animal figurines – turn them into brand new fun and colorful decorations!

I placed all my materials and animals on the table and figured out what I wanted to do. This horse needed some tinsel, that deer needed a bell around its neck.

We made little packages from wrapping some folded newspaper in gift paper. Then I added some ribbons and glued the packages to the animals’ backs. 

As a last touch I glued fake snow all over the animals.

They look so cute! and are a really fun ornament as a sort of memento of the kids when they were little – they do grow up fast, and none of them even plays with toys any longer! (or almost)

I also got to use some of my most precious old ornaments, that I haven’t got the heart to throw out, but are too broken to use for anything else. This is the perfect opportunity to turn old scraps into something brand new and fancy!

…christmas-time is soon upon us! (and I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping – I can’t stand shopping in December…)


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The summer garlands

I just removed our summer garlands – and almost summer along with them! At least it feels a bit chillier, but I don’t mind – as long as we still can enjoy being outside, it’s all good.

The summer garlands are made out of old pieces of fabric – linens, table cloths and what have you, that I cut and sewed together using bias tape.

I hang them out at about Midsummer’s just to get a little bit of extra summery feeling. Sometimes our Midsummer’s can be rather bleak affairs, but hanging up a bunch of garlands that sort of look like white laundry out drying always gives it that extra nostalgia kick.

I love making up my own traditions in this way!


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DIY Gult hårpynt

Jag syr smycken och gör hårpynt nästan på löpande band, men glömmer liksom bort att blogga om dom! Det här hårpyntet gjorde jag innan påsken. Gult och härligt vårskönt!

Jag färgade en hel bunt med spetsar gula och sydde dem fast på ett hårband. Spetsarna var stuvbitar som nån skulle slänga och som jag tacksamt tog emot.

Sen sydde jag fast gula blommor (före detta ljusmanchetter) och glaspärlor.

Jag gillar att göra hårpynt! Och dottern älskar att bära dom – win-win!

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I stället för påskgräs – tekoppspynt!

Fick en snilleblixt häromdagen – i stället för att odla påskgräs i tekoppar som jag gjort tidigare, så fixade jag fina små påsklandskap i fjädrar! I tekoppar, of course!

Guddottern var på besök och gjorde sin egen superfina tekopp!

Vi hade jätteskoj när vi rotade i mina påskpyntslådor och gjorde egna små uppsättningar!

Min första blev en superenkel variant med rosa och gula fjädrar och lite grönt glitter som gräs. Och en pytteliten kyckling på kanten av koppen.

Guddottern gjorde en härligt påskig kopp!

En perfekt gåbort-gåva till påsken, eller pynt varsomhelst i hemmet för det här påskgräset slipper man ens tänka på att vattna! (alltid en fördel hemma hos oss – jag tenderar att vattna våra växter först när jag kommer ihåg att dom existerar) Och när man har tröttnat på påsktemat kan man göra om det till en sommarkopp med små blommor i stället.

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