You can have so much fun with a pair of old curtains!

(and a DIY crown, a flea market-belt, a DIY necklace, a wig and just plain ordinary clothes!)

Sometimes I think about how much fun we’ve had already with these particular curtains – flea market finds that didn’t cost a lot of money, and that I transformed into a skirt by simply sewing them together and threading an elastic band through the already sewn canals.

Easy peasy, and they become an instant princess gown with the simple top I made (two squares of fabric sewn together plus some added lace).

And of course you need to have a crown! By now we have a small collection of those at home, so we just grab one whenever we feel like doing a photo shoot like this one.


But the skirts – they are just so fun to wear, to twirl and skip and prance in.

And they are so cheap so they can be used unlike expensive ”real” gowns, because you wouldn’t want to let your expensive skirts trail along a damp trail in the forest. But these ones? They are made for just that! The best spent 2 euros ever, if you ask me!




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Light a candle

The nights here in Finland are getting darker and darker. I’m combating the dark by lots and lots of homemade candles.

Candles are an essential part of Danish hygge, and essential for

  • bringing a sensible light into the house after dark (blue light from screens and some light fixtures is not good for your circadian rhythm)
  • the house all of a sudden looking much more clean! You don’t notice the mess when your eyes are drawn to a lighted candle

So there you go – my very cheap and simple tip for both feeling better and having a cleaner home…! (at least temporarily)


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Nya grillplatsen!

   Det blev en hel del byggt den här sommaren, trots sommarhettan. Först blev växthuset klart och sen i bara farten fixade Niklas en ny grillplats åt sig.

Här kan han stå och grilla i ur och skur. Eller sjunga karaoke, eller hålla teatermonologer! För den blev stor den här grillplatsen, känns lite som en liten scen bredvid vårt caféområdet (borden och stolarna mellan grillplatsen och växthuset).

Vi gjorde några egna krokar av bestick, som passar perfekt ovanför grillen.

Det var lite knepigt att få dem krökta i precis rätt riktning, men nu hänger dom där, och nu är grillplatsen kvar och sommaren hänger i ett tag till så ungarna och pappan i familjen får äta sina grillade ribs när dom vill!


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DIY Somriga vimplar

Vädret samarbetade inte på midsommar, så jag beslöt mej för att skapa egen sommar inomhus.

Jag började med att göra nya somriga vimplar.

Det är något med broderade tygbitar som liksom känns sommar.

Som vittvätt på en lina, kökshanddukar som doftar frisk luft.

Vimplarna gjorde jag genom att klippa ut fyrkanter av broderade dukar, gamla lakan och stuvbitar som samlats hos mig. Jag ordnade bitarna på golvet tills de låg i rätt ordning och sen sydde jag fast dem i många meter tvärslå.

En stor del av tygbitarna kom från Lotta – tack tusen tack för dem! Lottas blogg hittar ni här.

Andra är från släktingar och vänner och det känns så roligt att låta de här gamla skönheterna få nytt liv. Inte nog med det – deras nya liv består i att hänga och se vackra ut och beundras!



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Lycka och fotografering

Det är så roligt att göra såna här fotograferingar! Vi får riktigt bre ut oss kreativt och flickorna får leva in sig i sina roller och riktigt njuta av att springa omkring och vara prinsessor

Och jag – jag njuter både när jag står bakom kameran och när jag kollar igenom bilderna efteråt! Ibland fångas de riktigt lyckliga ögonblicken på bild!


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DIY Fairy crown

I sometimes get the urge to produce something creatively with my hands, and what often comes out of that are crowns of all sorts. This one feels like a fairy crown, with all the little foresty details.

I started by making a crown frame using brown wire with these little red buds. I rummaged through my craft materials and chose flowers and lace and stuff that complemented each other.

I glued on some glittery pieces of jewelry that I’ve had in store for years, but not found a use for.

A doily in center stage, surrounded by flowers and glitter.

I also glued on a trio of butterflies. I love the gray against the red and coral!

There’s even a bird on this crown – perhaps a really tiny fairy bird who loves the flowers growing around the crown?

It felt so good to do something with my hands! And later on this spring, perhaps the crown will feature in an impromptu photo shoot if I find the inspiration.


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DIY Meditation pillow

I’ve been meditating for a while, and though I like to sit on a chair and meditate, or meditate out in the woods (can be uncomfortable or cold this time of year!) or sitting in my bed, I also sometimes want to just sit on the floor. But that position is not too good for long time meditating, which made me google meditation pillows. I found these instructions and made a pillow out of an old curtain fabric (a thrift shop find) and some gray fabric for pants that I got from my grandmother ages ago and never got around to do anything with. They turned out perfect for this project!

I used dried peas and cotton as filling, which works well because I get the stability I want from the peas, and softness from the cotton. The pillow also works perfectly for me when I sit and write. I still have aches after giving birth almost 15 years ago, and I usually have one of those plastic ergonomics pillows, but this one feels even better. This one I can mold until it is just the right fit for me.


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The beeswax wraps after a month of use

It’s been a while since I made the beeswax-covered cloths, and I never imagined we would use them as much as we do!

We pretty much wrap everything in them – leftover sweet potatoes that haven’t yet been cooked, bowls of whipped cream and glasses filled with egg yolks. They’re just so practical, and smell so good!

You can see the usage in them – the beeswax tends to gather in the folds, but that is easily remedied by a pair of warm hands.

We fold them and store them in a big bowl in the kitchen, ready for immediate use. And they smell so good! I keep going on about it, but it’s just – there’s something about beeswax that smells so delicious, and I’m happy my kids will associate this smell with their childhood!



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