More princess pictures

It was such a fun day, and we enjoyed it so much!

I love that despite being an amateur, I am able to give my daughter the experience to feel like a posing princess whenever she needs it.

It makes for such good memories too!

P.S. I was trying to find a blog post where I showed how I sewed this collar, but either my very tired brain isn’t working properly and I can’t see things in front of my (very likely!) or I haven’t properly done a blog post. Might do one at one point – if not, this particular collar was shown prominently on the TV-show Strömsö. This collar was so fun to make! I sewed lots of flowers and beads on it which gives it a nice weight, and you instantly feel like you’re wearing fine jewelry when you wear it!


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The Cherry Tree Princess

We needed a bit of magic in our everyday life, so we took a tour to our fantasy land where everything is possible and everyone can be a princess if they want to!

And what better day to do a photo shoot on than on a day when the cherry trees are blossoming? It was so beautiful and gave us all a needed spark of creativity and fun. We actually laughed a lot, even though it doesn’t show on this particular photo!

This was very much an impromptu photo shoot. I got down the pink sari we use for curtains in our daughter’s room and draped it over a pale yellow dress. The collar is a piece I made out of recycled pink lace, flowers and beads, and a vintage velvet ribbon that I had saved for years.

I made the crown a while ago out of some floral wire or whatever it’s called, and only added some flowers for this shoot. And the red hair is a wig! I somehow felt like shooting long flowing hair yesterday. Might have something to do with the fact that it was very windy! And absolutely magical!


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You can have so much fun with a pair of old curtains!

(and a DIY crown, a flea market-belt, a DIY necklace, a wig and just plain ordinary clothes!)

Sometimes I think about how much fun we’ve had already with these particular curtains – flea market finds that didn’t cost a lot of money, and that I transformed into a skirt by simply sewing them together and threading an elastic band through the already sewn canals.

Easy peasy, and they become an instant princess gown with the simple top I made (two squares of fabric sewn together plus some added lace).

And of course you need to have a crown! By now we have a small collection of those at home, so we just grab one whenever we feel like doing a photo shoot like this one.


But the skirts – they are just so fun to wear, to twirl and skip and prance in.

And they are so cheap so they can be used unlike expensive ”real” gowns, because you wouldn’t want to let your expensive skirts trail along a damp trail in the forest. But these ones? They are made for just that! The best spent 2 euros ever, if you ask me!




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Makalös höst – snabb prinsessfotografering!

We did a super quick princess-photoshoot today – the weather was lovely and warm, and the whole forest was filled with yellow leaves! We’re having an amazing fall this year.

’Vi gjorde en supersnabb prinsessfotografering idag – det var så härligt väder, och varmt till på köpet, och hela skogen var fylld av gula löv! Alldeles fantastisk höst i år igen!




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Happiness and photo shoots

It is so much fun making these photo shoots! We get to really dig into our creativity, and the girls get to envelop themselves their roles and enjoy running around being princesses.

I enjoy both being behind the camera and looking through the pictures afterward. Sometimes those really happy moments really do get caught on film.



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A visit from a princess



*The Princess of Pargasia had a visit by one of her princess buddies the other day. We took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot in the lovely summer weather. All the clothes are upcycled, the crowns are DIY:ed by me, and we added some fresh cherry flowers. It was a wonderful summer evening!


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Princess evening

We’re having such wonderful summer weather!

It was such a magical evening last night. A perfect night for a princess photo shoot. My assistant (i.e. my youngest son) and I followed two princesses that trailed long trains behind their dresses and frolicked in the amazing sunset.

More pictures to follow!


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