New lamps for the living room

I decided that we needed new lamps for the living room. Might have something to do with the fact that we’ve been home almost constantly lately! (those of us who are able go for walks outside, or play outside in the yard)

I made some new lamps just like I did the lamp for my room.

I cut out rectangle-shaped paper with rounded short sides, and folded them into hearts.

I stapled them together, first as hearts, then into a big flower. I made two versions, one bigger, one smaller and glued them onto each other. Then I glued a circle on top of the flowers.

I used some cardboard (an oatmeal box or something like that) for hanging the lamps.

I glued them into place using a bowl as support. And I glued the things wrong! Don’t do like I did in the picture above! The opening needs to be to the side, so that you can string your lamp through it easily.

The lamps are really pretty when the spring light streams through the windows.

And I had all the materials at home – printer paper and some cardboard.

Have a great week everyone – we’re still homeschooling and self-isolating, and having a good time! And today the sun is shining and the spring flowers are out in droves – a good day!


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New DIY-lights

I was feeling like I always feel when I put the Christmas ornaments in storage – like there was something missing. So I made some new lights for the windows, to keep a little bit of the Christmas spirit with us post-Christmas.

They’re really pretty, and light up the room just right!

I made them by folding paper and gluing it together.

They’re really four hearts that are glued together! Pretty both when lit or when not.

It’s a cheap and fun way to switch out your lamps – just fold some new ones



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Så var det dags för ett belysningsinlägg på Fabriken. Jag passar på och visar fram lite lampor som jag har fixat till nya barnrummet. lampa hos Tedags hos Tant Ninette Den här lampan var gråbrunaktig med en tråkig lampskärm. Jag sprayade lampfoten röd och gjorde en ny lampskärm av en scarf, lite paljettband och volangband, och några ljusmanchetter.

lampa hos Tedags hos Tant Ninette

Den här lampan har nån gång varit en barnrumslampa med ett rosa barnmotiv som var rätt sjabbigt när jag köpte den på loppis. Jag klistrade på ett grönrutigt tyg och lite rosa paljettband. Dom rosa fransarna var med från början och dom fick bli kvar.

lampa hos Tedags hos Tant Ninette

Den här lampfoten fick bli rosa. Lampskärmen är gjord av en antik duk med påmålade blåklintar i blått och guld. Jag kantade den med lite ljusblått band och rosor och så ett grönt band som håller ihop hela lampskärmen.



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