DIY Green snake necklace

This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter – we had so much fun there in the woods surrounded by all those flowers and all that greenery!

My daughter wore a crown I made out of glass beads, a gown made from two old curtains, black pants and boots and my favorite necklace – a green snake.

This necklace took quite some hours to make! First I had to figure out the pattern. I cut out pieces of newspaper and wrapped them around my neck. When I was satisfied with the shape, I cut it out from felt fabric.

The black beads have been with me ever since we lived in Copenhagen more than ten years ago. The eyes of the snake are round bauble-like beads, that were used for a bracelet. The rest of the beads are old broken necklaces and bracelets.

This is quite the statement necklace, and I always feel fancy when I wear it! The snake wraps closely around the neck and the head bites the tail (there’s a hidden clasp beneath the head, and a ring on the tail-end of the necklace to hook the clasp on).

I especially like the idea that I finally got a good use to all those green necklaces I had saved for ages! They are just perfect for a snake like this.

P.S. I haven’t added a template to this post – write a comment if you want to create your own necklaces like these, and I’ll see if I can at least take a photo of my templates! They’re all just pieces of newspaper that I’ve cut into the shape I wanted.

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Decorating with my DIY:s

When we came back from Vasa and our trip to the TV-show Strömsö, I didn’t completely unpack everything. Instead I arranged some of my DIY-jewelry around the room!

This collar gets to hang on a candle stick and look pretty.

And the old clock got a temporary makeover involving lots of lots of pearls and beads.

I can’t believe how many pieces of jewelry I’ve made during the years! They really seem to add up, and look gorgeous when strewn out all over the table. These slippers need to do some more walking too – like straight into a photo shoot. But that’s a story for another day!


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DIY jewelry – pink statement necklace

Welcome new readers!

Since many probably are here to take a closer look at my DIY jewelry, I thought I’d take some new pictures of them and present them here on the blog.

Featured above is the first necklace I made using upcycled materials and lots and lots of beading. I needed a necklace for a wedding, and since I had become allergic to all kinds of metals, I decided to make a necklace from scratch.

I drew out a shape on newspaper and cut it out from felt. And then I sewed hundreds of little beads onto the felt. The central bronze-colored rosette is an old brooch that I repurposed in this fashioned, along with a pretty button that had similar features.

It’s quite a heavy necklace to wear, but that only adds to the festive feeling when you wear it. And it sits so great around the neck and onto your bosom! I lined it with suede from an old jacket. Upcycling at its best!


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