New lamps for the living room

I decided that we needed new lamps for the living room. Might have something to do with the fact that we’ve been home almost constantly lately! (those of us who are able go for walks outside, or play outside in the yard)

I made some new lamps just like I did the lamp for my room.

I cut out rectangle-shaped paper with rounded short sides, and folded them into hearts.

I stapled them together, first as hearts, then into a big flower. I made two versions, one bigger, one smaller and glued them onto each other. Then I glued a circle on top of the flowers.

I used some cardboard (an oatmeal box or something like that) for hanging the lamps.

I glued them into place using a bowl as support. And I glued the things wrong! Don’t do like I did in the picture above! The opening needs to be to the side, so that you can string your lamp through it easily.

The lamps are really pretty when the spring light streams through the windows.

And I had all the materials at home – printer paper and some cardboard.

Have a great week everyone – we’re still homeschooling and self-isolating, and having a good time! And today the sun is shining and the spring flowers are out in droves – a good day!


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DIY Lampupphängning

Katarina frågade hur jag gjort för att göra lampor av mina vikta blommor, dvs själva upphängningen. Jag gjorde såhär:

Jag klippte ut avlånga rektanglar av tjock kartong. Limmade dem som ett öppet U på övre sidan av blomman, och som en fyrkant på undre sidan.

Lätt som en plätt, och det syns inte när lamporna hänger från taket!

Jag lämnade övre sidan öppenså att det går lätt att trä lampan och sladden  igenom. Det var lite ”tricky” att få kartongbitarna att hållas på plats. Jag lade först en blomma på golvet, limmade fast båda kartongdelar, dvs övre och undre, och limmade sen på den övre blomman.


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Glimpses from our home

I was planning on taking pictures of our rooms now that for once we’ve cleaned almost the whole house. But somehow I ended up with lots of glimpses instead! I really love the color scale of our home – this feels like home, like childhood, like happiness, to me.



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Fina lamporna

”Har du pärlat dom där?” sa en på Facebook, och jo – jag har pärlat lamporna!

Och jo, jag skryter gärna om det lite grann, för det tog minsann lång tid!

Jag satt i timmar och sorterade pärlor och lade dem på pärlplattorna. Lyssnade på föreläsningar eller pratade med folk medan jag pärlade, och det var så himla tillfredsställande. Speciellt när resultatet blev så fint!

Jag har letat efter lampor till min hörna av huset i flera år nu, men inte hittat nåt som passar. Till sist tänkte jag – nu fixar jag nåt själv. Jag ville använda upp våra pärlor (barnen börjar snart vara för stora för att orka med såna, men jag tycks inte växa ur det!) lite sådär både för att 1. få mer utrymme och för att 2. se om det gick.

Det tog minsann många timmar – minns inte hur många, men vi snackar många veckor med flera timmars pärlande varje dag.

Till sist hade jag strykta pärlplattor till fyra lampor. Och nu fyra lampor som lyser så vackert i höstrusket!


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My lovely, colorful lanterns

Last Sunday was Father’s Day here in some of the Nordic countries, and we took the opportunity to invite my parents for dinner.

I decorated with the fuse beads-lanterns that I made.

They go along with almost all of our decorations!

I used battery-driven tealights in the lanterns, so they can stand pretty much anywhere without being a fire hazard.

They glow so nicely when it gets dark.

My kids helped me decorate – they love putting flowers on the glasses. I think it looks lovely!

We used some of the old thrift shop-china that we’ve collected during the years.

The napkins were from Indiska’s Christmas collection – they are perfect for our house just about all year round!

I made lanterns in varying sizes. The big ones took forever to make! These smaller ones were quick.

It was so much fun making all the different patterns, and fun to see how different they look with lights inside them.

It was a really nice dinner, and I love decorating with all these colors – I need colors this time of year, when it’s so dark outside and before Christmas has occupied our home. Which is soon!


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Fuse bead heaven at our home – DIY fuse bead lanterns & crown

(Okay, so that last post was supposed to be called ”Fused bead lamps”, because this one is about the fused bead lanterns! But I’ve corrected it now)

I don’t know how many hours I spent sorting the fuse beads according to color, but it was so worth it!

And I actually think it can be sort of relaxing to sort the beads, so win-win all around?

Once the beads were sorted, I made strips of fused beads about 7 beads wide and different lengths. I made six pieces for each lantern.

I glued together all six pieces using a hot glue gun.

The lanterns are perfect for this season! They’re colorful and pretty in the evenings, and bring both light and color to our home before the big Christmas ornament explosion. This picture is during daytime, when I hadn’t yet ”lit” the lights (I forgot to say – I use battery driven tealights inside these, so they’re really safe and you can place them almost anywhere in your home) – hopefully I’ll get around to taking pictures of them during the dark hours too, because they are just so lovely!

I also made a crown that I used for Halloween, using the same method. I made the parts of the crown separately and glued them together using a hot glue gun. So easy, and so much fun to do! And it’s always fun to wear crowns!


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DIY Fuse beads lamps

My craft room/study is my place for tranquility, my type of tranquility, and now I finally have lamps to match my mood and the mood of the room!

I used to have white lamps, but they don’t give the right king of ambient mood in the evenings. They’re alright, but I wanted something a bit more cozy, so I thought for a long while and came up with an idea to make lamps out of fuse beads.

I made modules out of strips of fused together beads (7×21 beads) and glued them together into pentagons using a glue gun. Then I ordered and re-ordered them until I got four color combinations that I wanted (for 4 lamps).

I glued the pentagons together one on top of another. I made sure to use lots of glue on the inside of the pentagons, so that the plates of fuse beads won’t get unstuck.

Finally I glued a piece of cardboard on top of the lamp with a slit to the middle of the pentagon. I left one corner of it unglued to the lamp, so that I could thread the lamp bulb through it. 

The new lamps are just perfect for my little corner of the world! And they give such a lovely, warm light in the evenings!


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