DIY Glitterpynt

De här enkla glittriga julpynten har hängt med en hel del år nu redan.

Jag stansade ut fina bilder i glansigt papper.

Jag gjorde ringar av glittriga piprensare och limmade fast de fina bilderna.

Limmade till sist på lite paljetter och knöt fast en metalltråd (en blompistill som man gör konstgjorda blommor av) som upphängning.

Söta och glittriga, precis perfekt till vår jul!




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A house for Hansel & Gretel

If this house won’t lure Hansel and Gretel, then I don’t know what will! My kids absolutely love this house, and can’t wait to eat it!

Here’s how to make it:

Print out the templates.

I drew the house onto plain cardboard and scanned the pieces, so they’re a bit wobbly in the edges, but just ignore that and cut straight edges!

Bake all the parts of the house. Cut out the door and save. Cut another piece just like the door if you want a portico above the door. Make a large oval piece of gingerbread for the house to stand on.

You can leave the back of the house without windows or anything. I cut out a small opening for a string of fairy lights.

Melt some crushed candy in the microwave and fill in the windows of the house while the gingerbread pieces are still lying flat.

Decorate the sides of the house. Let the icing set. Use royal icing to glue the pieces to each other. Let the icing between the sides and gables set before you put on the roof using a bit more royal icing.

Now for the fun part – pipe or spread royal icing all over the roof. Put the chimney in its place. Decorate the roof using cookies and candies. I baked gingerbread cookies beforehand, but you can easily use store bought cookies.

Adhere the portico using some royal icing and fasten two pieces of candy cane underneath it with some royal icing.

Pipe some decorative edges along the roof and the portico.

Spread royal icing all around the house on the gingerbread ground and decorate using assorted candies, candy canes and lollipops. Stick the lollipops into pieces of marshmallow for extra support.


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DIY Juliga juldjur

Mina barn börjar bli för stora för att leka med leksaker. Men inte jag! Jag konfiskerade ett gäng övergivna leksaksdjur och omvandlade dem till julpynt.

Det här måste vara ett av de roligaste julpysslen jag har gjort på länge! Jag gick loss med julpynt och konstsnö och fick ta ut svängarna precis så mycket jag ville.

Gamla trasiga julpynt fick sig ett nytt liv som kransar och pynt på mina juliga djur.

Jag slog in bitar av tidningspapper och gjorde paket som djuren fraktar. Halsdukarna är fina band som jag knutit och sen limmat på plats (så att halsduken inte sticker ut alltför mycket).

Till sist lade jag på lim och ett lager konstgjord snö. Enkelt julpynt som var jätteroligt att tillverka och härligt att se på!


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Hansel and Gretel better watch out!

This year I went full fairy-tale with the gingerbread house!

I wanted something that Hansel and Gretel just couldn’t resist, so I trawled the internet for inspiration pictures. I looked through so many images from picture books, and then I set to work.

I sketched the house and made templates out of cardboard (I’ll release the templates here soon, if you too want to make this gingerbread house) and baked the house. The fun part was decorating! This house was so easy to make, and it looks so delicious!

The main thing that makes the house look like it’s inhabited by a witch who wants to eat little children are the lollipops in my opinion. I stuck them through some marshmallows plus used lots of royal icing to get them in the right position. Now that the icing is hardened, their foundation is almost rock-solid.

I made lots of small gingerbread cookies and decorated them before I attached them to the gingerbread house. I only had red food coloring at home, so the house is mainly colored red-pink-white, but I think it still works. Especially at Christmas time.

I layered all the little cookies, which creates an effect of abundance. Suits a fairy tale house perfectly!

This was such a fun house to make!

(I need to take more pictures of it – I just have to wait for the sun to come out! We have such short days now, but in a month’s time that will all change. Until then, I have to make sure to have the camera ready in the middle of the day, or else the pictures get too grainy.)


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Fina lamporna

”Har du pärlat dom där?” sa en på Facebook, och jo – jag har pärlat lamporna!

Och jo, jag skryter gärna om det lite grann, för det tog minsann lång tid!

Jag satt i timmar och sorterade pärlor och lade dem på pärlplattorna. Lyssnade på föreläsningar eller pratade med folk medan jag pärlade, och det var så himla tillfredsställande. Speciellt när resultatet blev så fint!

Jag har letat efter lampor till min hörna av huset i flera år nu, men inte hittat nåt som passar. Till sist tänkte jag – nu fixar jag nåt själv. Jag ville använda upp våra pärlor (barnen börjar snart vara för stora för att orka med såna, men jag tycks inte växa ur det!) lite sådär både för att 1. få mer utrymme och för att 2. se om det gick.

Det tog minsann många timmar – minns inte hur många, men vi snackar många veckor med flera timmars pärlande varje dag.

Till sist hade jag strykta pärlplattor till fyra lampor. Och nu fyra lampor som lyser så vackert i höstrusket!


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My lovely, colorful lanterns

Last Sunday was Father’s Day here in some of the Nordic countries, and we took the opportunity to invite my parents for dinner.

I decorated with the fuse beads-lanterns that I made.

They go along with almost all of our decorations!

I used battery-driven tealights in the lanterns, so they can stand pretty much anywhere without being a fire hazard.

They glow so nicely when it gets dark.

My kids helped me decorate – they love putting flowers on the glasses. I think it looks lovely!

We used some of the old thrift shop-china that we’ve collected during the years.

The napkins were from Indiska’s Christmas collection – they are perfect for our house just about all year round!

I made lanterns in varying sizes. The big ones took forever to make! These smaller ones were quick.

It was so much fun making all the different patterns, and fun to see how different they look with lights inside them.

It was a really nice dinner, and I love decorating with all these colors – I need colors this time of year, when it’s so dark outside and before Christmas has occupied our home. Which is soon!


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Fuse bead heaven at our home – DIY fuse bead lanterns & crown

(Okay, so that last post was supposed to be called ”Fused bead lamps”, because this one is about the fused bead lanterns! But I’ve corrected it now)

I don’t know how many hours I spent sorting the fuse beads according to color, but it was so worth it!

And I actually think it can be sort of relaxing to sort the beads, so win-win all around?

Once the beads were sorted, I made strips of fused beads about 7 beads wide and different lengths. I made six pieces for each lantern.

I glued together all six pieces using a hot glue gun.

The lanterns are perfect for this season! They’re colorful and pretty in the evenings, and bring both light and color to our home before the big Christmas ornament explosion. This picture is during daytime, when I hadn’t yet ”lit” the lights (I forgot to say – I use battery driven tealights inside these, so they’re really safe and you can place them almost anywhere in your home) – hopefully I’ll get around to taking pictures of them during the dark hours too, because they are just so lovely!

I also made a crown that I used for Halloween, using the same method. I made the parts of the crown separately and glued them together using a hot glue gun. So easy, and so much fun to do! And it’s always fun to wear crowns!


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DIY Fuse beads lamps

My craft room/study is my place for tranquility, my type of tranquility, and now I finally have lamps to match my mood and the mood of the room!

I used to have white lamps, but they don’t give the right king of ambient mood in the evenings. They’re alright, but I wanted something a bit more cozy, so I thought for a long while and came up with an idea to make lamps out of fuse beads.

I made modules out of strips of fused together beads (7×21 beads) and glued them together into pentagons using a glue gun. Then I ordered and re-ordered them until I got four color combinations that I wanted (for 4 lamps).

I glued the pentagons together one on top of another. I made sure to use lots of glue on the inside of the pentagons, so that the plates of fuse beads won’t get unstuck.

Finally I glued a piece of cardboard on top of the lamp with a slit to the middle of the pentagon. I left one corner of it unglued to the lamp, so that I could thread the lamp bulb through it. 

The new lamps are just perfect for my little corner of the world! And they give such a lovely, warm light in the evenings!


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The Halloween-party

Halloween came and went, but before I go all Christmassy on this blog, I’ll post some of the pictures from our Halloween party.

I was an evil tooth fairy, and I made a large staff with a huge tooth out of papier maché that I dipped in beeswax and then painted red in places. It turned out real creepy and went perfect with my outfit!

I also made a necklace with large pulled out teeth mixed with black ribbons. It took a while for the guests to see what the necklace really was, but it was all the more gruesome when they did!

I wore a crown that I made from Hama-beads. I’ve been on a hama-bead bend recently, but now I think I’m cured (because now gingerbread season is beckoning!). But there’ll be some hama-related blogposts in the near future, if I can only find the time to photograph (NanoWriMo, folks!)

I made the bathroom into my laboratory, where I pulled teeth of people who didn’t comply. This tooth fairy wants your money, or else…!

Supereasy to make some fake blood, and so effectful! 

I mixed some golden syrup and some water with a bit of red food coloring, and sprinkled it on the bathtub. Easy fun decoration, and easy to remove as well!

This year we remembered to bring out the skull shaped soap dispenser that we bought last year and completely forgot.  

The scary candles were perfect! Their core is either orange or black, which made for a nice effect when they were lit and the candle wax started dripping.

We had such a nice time, big ones and smaller ones, and it’s so much fun with a party where the whole family can participate!

The kids had been waiting for the party for ages. They had planned lots of funny games to play, and really enjoyed themselves. 

We had Niklas’ brain for dessert! 😀 (just kidding! Not!)


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