DIY Cozy Christmas Cushions

I love upcycling and reusing old, loved materials for something new!

What better way to keep old doilies and napkins in use than to turn them into pillow covers?

It is so easy to sew new covers for your pillows – just take a rectangle of material (in this case, some old table cloths), turn it inside out and fold it over the cushion. Pin together the sides, and ease out the cushion through the bottom i.e. where the fabric is folded. Sew the sides, turn it back the right way up and presto, you’ve got a cushion cover!

Christmas season becomes a bit more magical with throw pillows for the season. I’ve decorated ours with old doilies, buttons and ribbons, and old napkins.

Makes for a very cozy corner to sit and sip some mulled wine and listen to Christmas music!


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Gingerbread season

Gingerbread season is upon us, and the house is filled with the scent of ginger, cloves and cinnamon! These days I don’t even need to make the dough myself – my kids are volunteering, and bake cookies almost every day, and we love it!

I made my first gingerbread house when I was 13 years old, and there hasn’t been a year since that I haven’t made at least one. But this year might be an exception – I’ve only made a candle stick so far, which technically is made up of houses, but 2D not 3D houses. Similar to these ones on the picture above, only with less color. Those in the picture are perfect to make if you don’t want to create a whole house! Just cut out a house, ”paint” it with icing the way you want and ”glue” it on a gingerbread cookie.

I love all things gingerbread! although I leave the eating to the rest of the family 🙂 we have so many cookie cutters that I can’t keep track of them, but still I find myself making cookies like the ones in the picture above – made with a simple template, and simply decorated to look like wintery mittens.

There’s something magical about gingerbread, and the sense that this is something to be enjoyed in the here and now. It is of the moment, for the moment, and for making magical memories!

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The Fairy House of 2019

This has to be one of my favorite gingerbread houses! I made it two years ago, and I loved every minute of it!

I usually start planning my houses already the previous Christmas, but then when November hits I get a spur of the moment idea, and I do that instead. This was much easier and more fun to make than what I had previously planned.

I did a blog post about how I constructed this house, and I do think I have the templates for the house somewhere on my computer, but because of my eye issues I don’t use my computer visually that much – it takes a large toll on my health to even write this blog post. But if anyone wants the templates, write a comment and I’ll find them for you!

Truth is, it’s not that difficult to make if you know how to construct a simple house.

And when you know the basics, you can construct almost anything!

I love gingerbread houses, they’re one of my favorite hobbies, and I love them in all shapes and sizes – elaborate ones, simple ones, fancy exact ones, or sloppy childlike ones, like mine mostly are.

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Christmas pine cone crafts

I love crafting with what nature gives us – you get a glimpse and a memory of the woods and forests while you craft, and afterward when you incorporate the decorations into your home. It’s a win-win in so many ways.

This pretty pine cone decoration was really easy to make, and adds so much flair- I glued strings to pine cones, and then glued some jingle bells and decorations on them, plus a lace ribbon. It jingle jangles whenever you walk past it, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Sometimes single pine cones are pretty enough to hang by themselves, perhaps enhanced by a glossy ribbon.

I’ve also been making mini-Christmas trees out of pine cones. I glued a pine cone onto a piece of wood. Painted the edges of the cone with white paint and then glued beads onto them. Plus a glittery star on top.

Makes for a nice little Christmas present for friends and neighbors.

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Pretty Pine-cone Decorations

I love creating things together with nature, and pine cones are the perfect medium! The trees have already gotten their use out of them, and now they get to become pretty decorations for Christmas.


Pine cone stars are easy to make, and so pretty!

You just glue together five pine cones (first dry them, if they’re freshly picked), and then decorate them plus add a string.

If you like a more natural look, you can simply glue yet another pretty pine cone at the center of the star.

Big pine cones make for big stars, perfect for decorating outdoors!

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DIY Reusable Gift Bags

This year we’re ditching all the Christmas wrapping papers and are ”wrapping” our gifts in these – our new mini-Santa’s bags!

I bought some cheap red cloth, and old table cloths and runners and sewed them into bags. It was a real fun project, easy to sew and so satisfying to use up all the lovely red ribbons I’ve collected through the years! Some of the ribbons, or strings, are from ”condolence cards” (I don’t know the translation, when someone dies, you buy a large card and the proceedings go to a charity). A very nice way to make something new and meaningful out of something pretty and already meaningful.

Most of the gifts are already waiting beneath the tree. And it looks so pretty with all those red parcels underneath!

Next year I’m going to make reusable tags too. (But first I’ll have to get my eye sight back on par – I made these bags in early 2020 fortunately! )



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