Unleash by Lauren Scribe Harris

We met Lauren on the Writing Excuses cruise, and immediately fell in love with her! She’s such a fun person to be around, and I hope we get to meet her in the future again.

Unleash is an YA urban fantasy about a young woman who is an enslaved member of a magical gang. She is drawn into a war between the magical gangs and the magical police, and ends up hiding in the countryside with her two new friends.

It’s fast paced and action packed, with a lovely trio of characters that interact so wonderfully that I really would love to be friends with them in real life. It’s the perfect book for any teenager that loves books about the supernatural. And the sequel is coming out any day now! Go check out Unleash here on Amazon.


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Books by Mike Stop Continues

When we went on the WXR-cruise last summer, we had such a lovely time and met so many wonderful people. Niklas and I hung out quite a lot with Mike Stop Continues and his husband, and the conversations we had with them really lifted the whole experience! I love it when you meet new people and instantly you are on the same frequency.

I really enjoy the way Mike has with words.

Underworld is a coming-of-age novel about two brothers, one straight, one gay – both interested in the same girl, but for different reasons. I really enjoyed the pacing of the novel and it felt literary in a good way – words that flowed in a certain rhythm, a novel just waiting to be adapted into an audiobook.

Mike also writes the King Cage-series – I think of it as if Lee Child wrote fantasy. It’s gritty, fast paced and with that certain tone that Mike has, like the words are not just words one put after another but images pressed into your brain that leaves you with a whole range of emotions.

To top it all off, Mike was a guest on the Writing Excuses Podcast, which was recorded while we were on the cruise. He talked about what writers get wrong about gay men – go listen to that episode here!

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