Tavlor och loppis på Gamla Torgets marknad!

Idag är det dags för marknad i vår vackra stadsdel – välkomna att besöka Gamla Torget och fynda tavlor och loppissaker på vårt bord!

Gamla Torget finns på Gamla Malmen i Pargas, och marknaden håller öppet 10 – 14.


Barnen har röjt sina rum och har till salu en hel del klänningar och böcker och annat. Vi säljer också mina tavlor, mina vänner korna och några hjortvänner som längtar efter nya hem!



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Happy Cows at Wanha Wallis

Don’t you love it when you meet someone and suddenly something just clicks? I met with the lovely Minna this spring by happenstance, and now my paintings are for sale in her store!

Minna has the most amazing little vintage shop, with carefully curated objects that all harmonize perfectly with each other. And now also with my cows and other paintings! It is such an honor to have my paintings featured in her shop, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel!

Among all of the vintage goodies you can also find Cornelius Colliander’s amazing pottery – I am so grateful to Minna for supporting us local artists in this way! <3<3<3

So if you happen to be in Pargas/Parainen – pop by Wanha Wallis at Köpmansgatan, smack in the middle of our small town.

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Tavlor till salu till förmån för ukrainahjälpen

Just nu finns mina tavlor utställda hos Jordkällaren, Vävargatan 2 här på Gamla Malmen i Pargas.

Kanske du vill ha en ny ko-kompis eller en liten påskhare hem på besök? Eller köp en tavla till nån du tycker om – pengarna går oavkortat till den lokala Ukrainahjälpen!

Slava Ukraini, och Glad Påsk!






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Happy Easter Bunnies

I love, love, love bunnies! I love watching them, feeding them, looking at them, petting them – everything! And I love my new DIY Easter Bunnies! First I made some bunnies from self-drying clay.  They don’t look that special before being painted, but the core of the bunny is there! I tried to make each of them into an individual, with a little bit of different smiles, and eyes and noses.

Then I went to town painting, splattering and decorating them. It was so much fun! I’ve used real gold leaf and sealed it all with really strong furniture varnish. A colorful bunch of happy bunnies, ready to welcome spring and Easter!


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Cow friends looking for new homes <3

I’m finally ready to send out my cow friends to new homes – you’re welcome to take a look at my page ”Art for Sale”. Have a look around and see if anyone speaks to you, and send me an e-mail! I’m mainly selling  these paintings from my home, but with the hopes of being able to send them out to people too (depending on the postal system and costs etc – for now, sells through my studio in my home is the best option for me)

I’m already working on two new collections – more cows, and abstract faces. Also art on watercolor paper that will travel more easily and be more easily sold online.

Hope you enjoy my art as much as I do! and if you don’t, perhaps there are other artists that you click with more that would brighten up your everyday life with their paintings? Real, original art does something to the soul that is unique.

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