DIY Plague Doctor Mask

I decided to go as a plague doctor for this years Halloween party. My version has a black mask, not the white one that is commonly seen, simply because I had black paper on hand at home…! But I’ve concocted a backstory where the mask is really made out of black leather, making it much more medieval:ly.. Anyways – here’s a look at how it was made. Above – I started with some newspaper that I molded around my face and taped together.

I made a large beak, big enough to fit a bunch of herbs. The thing with plague doctors is that people used to think it was the miasma i.e. bad odor, that spread disease. So to combat that doctors wore these big masks that fit sweet-smelling herbs inside the beaks.

I taped the beak to the mask and cut out holes for the eyes. I made ridges around the eyes using some paper and some tape.

Then I glued on lots of black paper along the mask in several layers. I glued some cut out plastic circles to the eyes (you have to cover everything! Otherwise you’re not a proper plague doctor and might succumb to the plague yourself!) and finally some black ribbons to the back of the mask.

I wore a black turtle-neck, black pants, a black cape and a black top hat. Not seen on the picture is my walking cane which I used to poke people with to check if they were still alive…! (which is what the plague doctor mainly did – check if people were dead or not)

It was a fun costume to make. But I only wore the mask at the beginning of the evening – it got too hot in there!


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Halloween goodies

We had sooo much candy at our latest Halloween-party! Luckily Halloween comes only once a year – I kind of didn’t think of the amount of candy we had already bought when I told the kids that they could bake cookies and cakes. Which they also did! Very nice ones actually – the perks of having kids who are getting older and can bake and cook and even sometimes clean up after themselves…!

As a contrast, all the food at the party was gluten-free, minus allergenic nuts, mostly vegan and overall healthy! So it kind of evens itself out! (not really, but I’m pretending it does!)


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DIY Window Monsters

These monsters were really easy to make, and give an instant Halloween-vibe to our house.

I folded a thin black paper into two and cut out a place to stick the eyes, and a scary mouth plus some evil looking ears/horns.

Then I taped the monster to the window, added a pair of glow-in-the-dark eyes.

I think we’re ready for Halloween now!



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Halloween is approaching

Our house gets more and more Halloween:y for every day that goes by – soon we’ll have our annual Halloween party, with new friends invited. It is always such a nice occasion to invite some of the new friends that our kids have made, along with their parents. My favorite holiday, my kids favorite holiday, and we’re all exited making costumes at home!


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Concrete skull DIY

Halloween’s a-coming, and we needed more skulls in our house. Especially ones that also doubles as candle holders!

I went and got some clay and did some sculpting. The skull turned out okay, but then when I made the mold it went a bit wonky! The clay hadn’t hardened enough so the skull got a bit of a different look than I had planned. But this works too!

It didn’t look like this when it went into the mold! But the crooked smile somehow works despite it.

When the mold was done I poured concrete into it. One of the skulls has a glass jar inside and doubles as a Halloween-vase. 

One of the other skulls was a bit flat on top – it’s the perfect candle holder for fat candles!

The concrete was rather rough, making for a weathered look.  

We’ve also got one skull for single, thin candles, but my favorite is the vase – we don’t have that many flowers growing right now in the garden, but that doesn’t matter when your vase is a skull! any old flower remnants suit the skull perfectly!



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Our lunches

We made some lifestyle changes a while ago, mainly to eat more greens at every meal. In general, we eat Pegan (paleo + vegan, i.e. lots and lots of veggies and greens, and unprocessed food in general), and it has had a tremendous effect!

Niklas has lost more than 15 kg in a short while, just by switching his diet! We can trace the date when we switched diets because his HRV-curve also changed. No weight-change for me though, because my problems are of another kind (my organism needs less stress, which I’m working on through supplements, FIR-sauna and meditation), but our whole family is so much more healthier now that we upped the veggies. And we used to always have salads with every meal, so it’s not as if we started from none!

We’ve ”cooked” a lot of the recipes in this particular book – the beet salad is so delicious! (I think the book is translated at least into Swedish, but the original is in Danish)

We try to always have different sorts of greens and salads at the table at lunchtime.

”Mom, we eat just as fancy as people do in restaurants!” said one of my kids the other day.

I go out in the garden and harvest fresh herbs whenever we can. Oregano, thyme, mint, chives and lemon balm. They make any salad taste great, and are so nutritious!

We also sprinkle seeds on our salads, plus some good olive oil.

Sometimes we have a bit of sweet potato roasted in the oven, or freshly picked potatoes. Most of the time we simply eat greens and a bit of roasted chicken breast, or just an egg. It’s a diet that tastes so great, that you can vary so much and never tire of, and that your body will love!


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