DIY Clay Ornaments

These are so easy and fun to make!

The perfect addition to any Christmas present.

I made them using cookie cutters. I cut out the big heart, then the smaller one in the middle and a hole for the string and the jingle bell.

Just add a red and white string, and presto – instant Christmas magic!

They look great as ornaments on the Christmas trees, or just about anywhere. I put them on most of the parcels we give out this time of year.

Some of them are textured. I used a piece of tulle when rolling out the dough. It makes for a nice structure.

Some I’ve textured using an old flower-stamp. Easy to make, and add so much more festive feeling to any parcel! I love home-made decorations!


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DIY Christmas Angel with Jingle Bells

This year I kind of got addicted to self-hardening clay! I wanted to make some angels, to go with the small jingle-bells I’ve got stored in so many small containers in my craft room

I made a template out of a piece of cardboard, and tried out different kinds of bells that I had lying around.

The angels is supereasy to make – just roll out a piece of self-hardening clay, cut out the angel. Make two holes for the string on top of the angel, and another one for the bell.

I added the bell using a small piece of wire. Plus red and white string to use for hanging it.

Here’s the template if you too want to make an angel or two!


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Älvhuset med mallar

Jag tror älvan och tomten som bägge bor här har det himla roligt! Det lyser på kvällarna och köket liksom känns som att det har en så härlig stämning nuförtiden!

Jag botaniserade i en godisaffär innan jag gjorde huset och hittade så härliga godisar som såg ut som blommor.

Såhär har jag löst problemet med en ljusslinga – jag skar en öppning i bakre gaveln och trädde ljusslingan igenom.

Fönstren glimmar härligt mysigt när det är mörkt!

Takpannorna kommer inte att bli särskilt spännande för mina ungar att äta, men dekorationerna på takåsen! Pärlemorfärgade lakritsbollar. Och geléhallon!


Känns vintrigt och juligt, också då när det regnar ner utomhus.

Här kommer mallarna om någon annan känner sig hågad att baka mitt pepparkakshus: (och om du gör det så skulle jag jättejättejättemycket uppskatta om du mailade mej eller skrev en kommentar här! Det är så himla roligt att få ta del av andras pepparkakshus tycker jag!)


P.S. På Facebook hänger vi som gillar pepparkakshus i gruppen Allt om Pepparkakshus – välkommen med du också!



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DIY Glittery wreath with lots of tinsel

…yeah, I know, I kind of went overboard with this wreath-making business!

This one is a lovely silver one, with lots of tinsel and luscious red berries and leaves.

I’m going all in with wreath making this year! It’s just so much fun, and so easy – just take a styrofoam wreath, wrap it with something and add decorations. In this case, I finally got to use some of my really old berries and leaves, plus some silvery branches that I’ve collected during the years (left overs from some project or decoration or other).



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DIY Wintery jar with red strings

This was a fun and fast DIY!

I took some air drying clay, rolled it quite thin with a rolling pin.

I used some tulle netting when I rolled the clay the last time, to get some structure.

I lay the sheet of clay around an empty washed jar.

I made sure the edges overlapped.

Then I stamped some ”holes” using a straw. I trimmed the edge on the top of the jar.

When the clay had dried, I glued some red string to the ”holes” and made a bow at the top.

The structure looks really nice in person.

The little bullfinch likes his view! He can gaze out over all the Christmas loveliness that spreads out in our home these days.


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DIY Gingerbread House – The Fairy House 2019

This year I wanted to try something new – to make a wonky rooftop that you sometimes see on Fairy Houses (made for the garden, or such). But this one turned out not wonky enough, and it might be inhabited by a tiny tomtenisse! We can see lights twinkling from inside the house at night, and he has even made sure there is candy left around the house for any helpful nice child that might pass by…!

The roof shingles are made out of gingerbread. I just cut out strips about 1 cm wide, and then cut them using a ruler (not as a measuring device, but as cutting – it as a long edge so you can cut long stretches with it).

I decided to try to bake the roof parts using some cardboard to prop them up. This turned out to be quite unnecessary! If I do this kind of roof again, I’ll just bake the parts as they are and then prop them up on some support like this when they’re cooling.

The parts for the roof ready to go into the oven.

The idea was to make them a bit wonky, to make this sort of woodsy feel. As I said, this was quite unnecessary!

I made windows out of cooking sugar plus water until it was about 150 degrees Celsius. I then poured it into the gingerbread windows (I had lined them with some aluminum foil beforehand)

If you stir the sugar when you boil it, it becomes crystallized.  Makes for really lovely gingerbread house windows!

This is from when the sugar was still hardening. It still looked translucent, but when it hardened it turned more opaque. A nice sort of frosty quality.

I placed the shingles above the door while the icing was still wet.

After decorating the sides of the house I used royal icing to glue them together. I propped them up with drinking glasses.

This is a good way to let the house set, and not having to stand there for hours yourself holding the whole thing together!

I placed an extra glass inside the house, just in case the roof would turn out to be too heavy for the construction. I also placed a string of fairy lights around the glass.

This is me gluing the roofparts together! And yes, I did need to stand there pinching them together for a while!

Not too long though – the weight on the roof was still mostly on the house parts, so I perhaps had to stand there pinching them for about five minutes.

Then I lay the shingles on the rooftop! …and noticed the house was looking less wonky. I had used far too thick shingles, but there you go – you never know how a gingerbread house will turn out. Sometimes the dough rises a lot, and since I’m no baker or chemist I have no idea why that happens!

The house got some nice snow in the form of some icing sugar. And then the house was ready for its inhabitant to move in!

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DIY Wreath with old baubles

I kind of got hung up on making wreaths, so I made this one too – it has already found a new home, which is so much fun!

This one is made up of old baubles that were obsolete or broken. Now they are a new festive decoration on someone’s door!

Making wreaths is so much fun! and so easy! Just wrap a styrofoam wreath in either tinsel or greens, and add decorations using a glue gun or some thread (metallic or other – the main thing is to get the decorations to stick to the wreath).

Happy Monday to you all!


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