Happiness is living in a small town

Happiness is knowing so many people have walked here before. And now it’s our turn.

Happiness is getting to be part of living history. So many people have lived here before, and now it’s our turn.

Happiness is warm, sunny summer’s days when you can walk to the beach, to the woods and to everywhere you want to in this lovely little town, just as so many people have done before us. And now it’s our turn.


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Läsbingo 2018

På begäran av mina barn kör vi i år igen med läsbingo

Bilden ovan får du ladda ner och skriva ut om du också vill haka på vårt läsbingoprojekt! Vi brukar ha en belöning för varje bingo (fem kryss i rad åt något håll), ofta en glass, och en större belöning när hela bingobrickan är fylld.

Beroende på ålder och läsförmåga så har vi haft olika krav på hur man får ett kryss. För en del räcker det att läsa 15 minuter, för andra i familjen måste man läsa en hel bok för att få sätta ett kryss.

Här hittar du några av våra gamla läsbingobrickor.


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So pretty it almost hurts

The woods here where we live are filled with beauty – so green and lush that they feel almost surreal.

The pathways are used by both humans and animals year round.

I walk down small paths in the forest that the deer have created – it feels wonderful to know you share these things with the wild animals.

Most of the time I am alone with the birds singing in the tree. Sometimes I am overtaken by a jogger, and we say hello as you do here in the countryside.

Sunlight through the green, green leaves.

And stillness and calm. Just wonderful.


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Pseudopod – one of my favorite podcasts

Once upon a time I thought I wasn’t a fan of horror. Then I started thinking about it, and well, seeing as I both watch and read horror I was deceiving myself. I am in fact an omnivore when it comes to books, reading everything from genre literature (romance, westerns, detective stories) to literary fiction. And I do love horror, especially writing it!

I read both traditional books, on an e-reader and listen to books, and when I started writing short stories I needed inspiration. The best place for stories that captured my imagination turned out to be Pseudopod. Pseudopod is a high quality podcast that features horror short stories of a varying kind. Some are chilling, some are creepy, some are more scary. All are interesting to listen to. I think about many of them for days, and ponder the question that they pose.


My favorite Pseudopod episodes are

1. Granite Requires by T.J. Berry – such a wonderful language in this one! Such an odd world that you get sucked into.

2. The Jamcoi by J.M. McDermott – a horrifying take on preparing non-vegetarian meals

3. Meat by Sandra M. Odell – this one really had me hooked! It was just… a perfect horror story!

4. The Fear by  Richard Harland – there was something so alluring about this one. I wished it would go on forever, and then I didn’t

5. Flat Diane by Daniel Abraham – really evocative and really grabbed at my parental heart. It was just awful, in a good way!


Go check out Pseudopod if you want to explore new worlds of horror!

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Unleash by Lauren Scribe Harris

We met Lauren on the Writing Excuses cruise, and immediately fell in love with her! She’s such a fun person to be around, and I hope we get to meet her in the future again.

Unleash is an YA urban fantasy about a young woman who is an enslaved member of a magical gang. She is drawn into a war between the magical gangs and the magical police, and ends up hiding in the countryside with her two new friends.

It’s fast paced and action packed, with a lovely trio of characters that interact so wonderfully that I really would love to be friends with them in real life. It’s the perfect book for any teenager that loves books about the supernatural. And the sequel is coming out any day now! Go check out Unleash here on Amazon.


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Lycka och fotografering

Det är så roligt att göra såna här fotograferingar! Vi får riktigt bre ut oss kreativt och flickorna får leva in sig i sina roller och riktigt njuta av att springa omkring och vara prinsessor

Och jag – jag njuter både när jag står bakom kameran och när jag kollar igenom bilderna efteråt! Ibland fångas de riktigt lyckliga ögonblicken på bild!


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