Lovely mint

Mint is one of our favorite herbs, and it grows like crazy in our garden! The leaves are really large and fragrant, and I love that we almost have a whole flower border filled with mint.

I used to dry herbs in little bunches, but they never dried well enough. Nowadays I dry them like this on a piece of newspaper.

When they are dried, I store them in a bowl in the kitchen, ready to be used in anything – a smoothie, a casserole, a salad. Almost any food really.

Before drying I sometimes pick a whole bunch of mint, just to have this lovely fragrant bouquet in the kitchen. Perfect for teas and sore throats and hungry bunnies!



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There once was a bouquet of flowers

Jerusalem artichoke flowers to be specific. And they were really lovely! And really edible, according to the bunnies who somehow managed to get up on the table and eat all of this loveliness!

(I forgot to take a picture as I cleaned up the mess – the bunnies were superhappy, they got to munch on leaves and flowers undisturbed the whole night!)


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Pretty lights

We bought pretty lights for our garden this summer, but first the days were simply too long. Then it became really damp and we didn’t want to spend the evenings outside.

So I removed the lights and we set them up in our living room instead.

And this feels like the perfect solution! We use this room quite a lot for playing board games, playing instruments or just hanging out, and now it has a certain taverna or outside café vibe in the evenings. I love it!



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Magic carpets

I’m all for old handmade rag rugs most of the time, but in terms of practicality they leave something to be wanted. They collect so much dirt, and need to be cleaned more often than thicker rugs and carpets. When my grandmother died, I inherited her fancy carpet (or at least, I pretend it’s fancy! It’s probably a cheap one in reality!), but it didn’t fill out the floor enough. That has now been remedied!

Just look at all these lovely rugs – looks like each and everyone of them could be a magic carpet ready to sweep you off the floor and take you away to faraway fairy-tale places!

They’re also very much rabbit-approved! And so soft and fluffy to step on!


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Feels like fall

…the crazy thing is, I’m still walking barefooted in the woods! It feels cold at first, but then when I get going, the same thing happens with my feet that does with my hands – they start to warm and feel really heated after a while. Especially if walking on gravel or on a more rockier road. And when I get back home, it feels as if I’ve gotten the world’s best foot rub!


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Dried chives

This is one of my favorite condiments – dried chives! I read up on nutrition a couple of years ago, and chives are among the most nutrient dense plants you can find. I ended up using the space of a whole corner of the garden for just chives, and now we can eat as many chives as we want. We eat them fresh all summer, then I dry them and blend them in the blender (sometimes with a bit of sea salt) and store them in a jar on the kitchen counter.

A little bit of summer, all year long!


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Crochet braids – one very happy customer!

I don’t know how we managed so long without crochet braids, but I’m so grateful we finally found them, and found out how to use them! First I made some very sloppy, easy cornrows. I tied them together in the neck, used some black thread and a sewing needle.

Then I crocheted the loose braids into place. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube about how to proceed. It was supereasy, and took just about no time.

A very happy boy who thinks his Mom is the best at doing hair 😀 !

(it’s easy when you’re doing crochet braids!)


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Chocolate fondue – a healthy dessert

We eat mainly Pegan (paleo + vegan), i.e. homemade food made from scratch, mostly greens and vegetables, but sometimes we still want something sweet. And what do you know, we already had the perfect utensils at home for the perfect dessert – chocolate fondue!

Everyone can enjoy just as much fruit and berries as they want, and those who want to dip them in dark chocolate can do just that. Those who want to completely steer clear of artificial sugar can just skip the chocolate – fruits and berries are delicious as is!

A really easy, healthy and still social dessert perfect for both ordinary weekends and parties. So yes, it is different to not eat that much sweets and unhealthy desserts and dinners – the social situation can change, but you can work around that small obstacle – fruit as a dessert is just as delicious and as social as any cake buffet!


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Mezzaluna – great for chopping just about anything!

When we went to Ireland we looked around everywhere for salads and greens, and it wasn’t easy for me who’s allergic to a lot of pesticides, and not only need to eat a lot of greens – I also need to eat organic fruit. But finally in Dublin we happened upon Chopped – a chain of restaurants that make really nice chopped salads.

You picked your greens, you picked your other ingredients like goat’s cheese and walnuts – my favorite! The cook then put everything on a large chopping board and chopped everything together using a Mezzaluna, one of these half-moon knives. Finally the cook put everything in a large bowl and mixed it together with a vinaigrette. It was delicious, and a brilliant concept!

I googled a kitchen store in Dublin (The Kitchen Whisk), and went and bought a really nice Mezzaluna for ourselves. Now we have chopped salads almost every day! We chop chop chop everything – cheese, broccoli, greens, veggies – and the salads are ready in no time, and taste so good! All because of this simple utensil that I hadn’t even thought about using before… I love traveling and finding new inspiration in this way!


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