DIY Colorful spring flowers

Here are some easy spring flowers to make – I used crepe or silk paper for these flowers, but you can easily use newspaper or whatever paper you have at home!

You need some wire, a pompom or something similar (or leave it out!), some markers, washitape and paper

First I glued pompoms onto some wire.

I made the centers of the flowers by cutting green crepe paper in thin slices, not all the way through.

The petals are made from crepe paper.

I cut them all out in thick bunches, and drew dots or stripes on each individual petal.

From the left: pompoms glued to wire. Wire + pompoms with some green crepe paper glued around. Petals in heaps. Some petals glued to a flower. All the petals glued to one flower, and then finally – three finished flowers.

I glue all the petals using a gluegun. Mine gets really hot, so be careful when gluing! Or take things slowly and just use ordinary wood glue.

After that I wrap the wire/stem with washitape. 

The finished flowers are really pretty!   

I make leaves by glueing wire to some green paper.

A heap of flower centers.

My bouquet has been steadily growing.

I also made some yellow flowers. And lots of more green leaves! 

It’s such a colorful lovely flower right now when spring hasn’t yet sprung completely in our neck of the woods!

And some much needed color! (although you can easily make pretty flowers like this using only white paper also!)


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