Life right now

Well, that was quite a week! It’s such a strange situation we’re living in, when the whole world is in the same boat.

My parents were stuck in Spain, but fortunately got to come home yesterday, so now I can finally relax at least a little bit. I’ve been so tired as a result, and even took a nap today, but that is so necessary right now – I need to be the family cheerleader so that my kids have a good time despite all the awfulness around the globe.

As a result of all this strangeness, we as a family suddenly have much more patience. Things that used to annoy us to no end barely even register. We have so much time all of a sudden, so in the midst of all this awfulness there is this warm feeling of abundance, of closeness and warmth.

I’ve also talked to my kids about being patient with their teachers. They are all doing their very best to keep the schools running, and if my kids sometimes get confusing instructions it’s just because this is a new situation for everyone. We all need to adjust to this new normal, and instead of becoming angry at people we can try to be more understanding. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been angry more than once this past week, and usually I’m annoyed with at least something, usually kids bickering. But they haven’t even been doing that too much. I think they understand that these are special circumstances, and I’m sure we’ll have arguments and disagreements as the weeks go by, but for now I’m happy that these past days have gone well.

One day at a time is my new mantra. One day, one hour, one breath.

I can feel my hands start to shake when I get too stressed, so I try to limit my access to the news and social media. That’s the hardest part! I’m drawn to all the online newspaper, and I read so many articles until I feel sick. And then I watch bunny videos to calm myself down, or look through Instagram stories – my new favorite pastime.

And in the evenings, the whole family gathers to watch Gossip Girl – our new ritual. We get up at 8 every morning, have breakfast and then the kids start their school on weekdays. We eat healthy food for lunch, and the kids cook and bake when they feel like it. And in the evening we do yoga, meditate and watch TV together.

If everything in the world wasn’t so awful, this would actually be rather lovely. We’re living our best lives in the midst of all the chaos, and I hope to keep doing it for as long as needed.

Hope you all are safe and loved and taking care of yourself!


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